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  1. Electronic health records (EHRs) can accelerate documentation and may enhance details of notes, or complicate documentation and introduce errors. Comprehensive assessment of documentation quality requires comp...

    Authors: Michael Weiner, Mindy E. Flanagan, Katie Ernst, Ann H. Cottingham, Nicholas A. Rattray, Zamal Franks, April W. Savoy, Joy L. Lee and Richard M. Frankel
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:262
  2. Physicians working in primary health care (PHC) centers are the first contact for patients and expected to deal with emergencies. Emergency care training in PHC settings has been neglected globally, especially...

    Authors: Suha Hamshari, Sondos Hamadneh, Mukaram Ghneem, Raghad Khalaf, Sara Daqqa, Rola Abu Alwafa and Mahfouz Ktaifan
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:261
  3. Community Health Workers (CHWs) play a crucial role in outbreak response, including health education, contact tracing, and referral of cases if adequately trained. A pilot project recently trained 766 CHWs in ...

    Authors: David Musoke, Grace Biyinzika Lubega, Belinda Twesigye, Betty Nakachwa, Michael Obeng Brown and Linda Gibson
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:260
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the healthcare system, leading to the rapid evolution and implementation of telemedicine (TM). TM has the potential to improve the quality of primary health care and increase acce...

    Authors: Vladimir Khanassov, Marwa Ilali, Ana Saavedra Ruiz, Laura Rojas-Rozo and Rosa Sourial
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:259
  5. Men’s violence against women is a global health problem causing physical, mental, sexual and reproductive ill-health. The World Health Organisation has estimated that every third woman in the world has been ex...

    Authors: Ann Öhman, Carmen Vives -Cases and Kerstin Edin
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:258
  6. Diagnoses entered by general practitioners into electronic medical records have great potential for research and practice, but unfortunately, diagnoses are often in uncoded format, making them of little use. N...

    Authors: Audrey Wallnöfer, Jakob M. Burgstaller, Katja Weiss, Thomas Rosemann, Oliver Senn and Stefan Markun
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:257
  7. Individuals who die by suicide often consult their general practitioners (GPs) in their final weeks of life. The aim of this study was to gain a deeper knowledge of the clinical characteristics and GP assessme...

    Authors: Nina Palmqvist Öberg, Sara Probert Lindström, Erik Bergqvist, Anna Ehnvall, Tabita Sellin, Anne Stefenson, Charlotta Sunnqvist, Margda Waern and Åsa Westrin
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:256
  8. Self-efficacy is the ability to execute, and it is a critical predictor of health-related outcomes among people living with human immunodeficiency virus (PLHIV). Self-efficacy directly determines treatment out...

    Authors: Abdisa Gemedi Jara, Faisel Dula Sema, Masho Tigabe Tekele, Asrat Elias Ergena, Eyayaw Ashete Belachew, Amensisa Hailu Tesfaye, Abenezer Melaku Tafese, Banchamlak Teferi Mekonen, Saron Naji Gebremariam, Endalamaw Aschale Mihiretie and Eden Abetu Mehari
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:255
  9. In 2012, Luxembourg introduced a Referring Doctor (RD) policy, whereby patients voluntarily register with a primary care practitioner, who coordinates patients’ health care and ensures optimal follow-up. We co...

    Authors: Valerie Moran, Michela Bia, Patrick Thill, Marc Suhrcke, Ellen Nolte, Eric Burlot and Guy Fagherazzi
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:254
  10. General practitioners are trained to care for patients with a high level of responsibility and professional competency. However, there are few reports on the physical and mental health status of general practi...

    Authors: Guoshu He, Jingjing Ren, Xiaoyang Chen, Qi Pan and Tianyuan Pan
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:253
  11. Despite curative treatment options since 2014, only 12% of individuals in Washington State diagnosed with Hepatitis C (HCV) received treatment in 2018. Washington State agencies launched an elimination plan in...

    Authors: Paula Cox-North, Lisa Wiggins, Jon Stockton, Emalie Huriaux, Mary Fliss, Leta Evaskus, Kenneth Pike, Anirban Basu and Pamela Kohler
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:252
  12. Despite the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommendation to screen adults for unhealthy alcohol use, the implementation of alcohol screening in primary care remains suboptimal.

    Authors: Diana Summanwar, Chelan Ropert, James Barton, Rachael Hiday, Dawn Bishop, Malaz Boustani and Deanna Willis
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:251
  13. The purpose of this study was to quantify how much of the burden of visual impairment (VI) and unmet need in Talagang, identified by Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness (RAAB) survey data, has been address...

    Authors: Muhammad Zahid Jadoon, Zahid Awan, Muhammad Moin, Rizwan Younas, Sergio Latorre-Arteaga, Elanor Watts, Marzieh Katibeh and Andrew Bastawrous
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:250
  14. The 15-method is an opportunistic screening and brief intervention tool for alcohol-related problems in primary healthcare. A Danish feasibility study of the 15-method indicated that adjustments were needed to im...

    Authors: Peter Næsborg Schøler, Jens Søndergaard, Sanne Rasmussen and Anette Søgaard Nielsen
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:248
  15. General practice is often recommended as an ideal setting to initiate advance care planning (ACP), but uptake of ACP in this setting is low. ACP-GP is a complex intervention to facilitate ACP for patients with...

    Authors: Julie Stevens, Anne-Lore Scherrens, Peter Pype, Luc Deliens, Aline De Vleminck and Koen Pardon
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:247
  16. Diagnostic ultrasound has become a bedside tool widely available to many primary care physicians (PCPs) in Europe. It is often used as point-of-care ultrasonography (POCUS) in this setting. In Switzerland, cer...

    Authors: Nico Zumstein, Christoph Merlo, Stefan Essig, Reto Auer, Kali Tal and Roman Hari
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:246
  17. Many cancer patients prefer to receive palliative treatment at home, as it allows them to be in a familiar and comfortable environment. Integrating Advance Care Planning (ACP) into routine practice in primary ...

    Authors: Bardo Driller, Carolin Maienborn, Elin Margrethe Aasen, Adriana Kolstrøm, Bente Talseth-Palmer, Torstein Hole, Kjell Erik Strømskag and Anne-Tove Brenne
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:245
  18. While patient safety incident reporting is of key importance for patient safety in primary care, the reporting rate by healthcare professionals remains low. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of a ri...

    Authors: Marc Chaneliere, Karine Buchet-Poyau, Maud Keriel-Gascou, Muriel Rabilloud, Cyrille Colin, Carole Langlois-Jacques and Sandrine Touzet
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:244
  19. Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are associated with high and rising burden of morbidity and mortality in sub-Saharan Africa, including Nigeria. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is among the leading causes of NCD-related...

    Authors: Ikechukwu A. Orji, Abigail S. Baldridge, Mercy U. Ikechukwu-Orji, Bolanle Banigbe, Nelson C. Eze, Aashima Chopra, Kasarachi Omitiran, Guhan Iyer, Deborah Odoh, Morenike Alex-Okoh, Rifkatu Reng, Lisa R. Hirschhorn, Mark D. Huffman and Dike B. Ojji
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:243
  20. Persons with diabetes have 27% elevated risk of developing colorectal cancer (CRC) and are disproportionately from priority health disparities populations. Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) struggle t...

    Authors: Denalee M. O’Malley, Benjamin F. Crabtree, Srivarsha Kaloth, Pamela Ohman-Strickland, Jeanne Ferrante, Shawna V. Hudson and Anita Y. Kinney
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:242
  21. The Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) increases access to mental health treatment and improves outcomes among patients with mild to moderate psychopathology; however, it is unclear how effective CoCM is for pati...

    Authors: Gabriela Kattan Khazanov, Courtney Benjamin Wolk, Emily Lorenc, Molly Candon, Matteo F. Pieri, David W. Oslin, Matthew J. Press, Eleanor Anderson, Emilie Famiglio and Shari Jager-Hyman
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:241
  22. The COVID-19 pandemic period (2020 to 2022) challenged and overstretched the capacity of primary health care services to deliver health care globally. The sector faced a highly uncertain and dynamic period tha...

    Authors: Supriya Mathew, Michelle S. Fitts, Zania Liddle, Lisa Bourke, Narelle Campbell, Lorna Murakami-Gold, Deborah J Russell, John S. Humphreys, Bronwyn Rossingh, Yuejen Zhao, Michael P. Jones, John Boffa, Mark Ramjan, Annie Tangey, Rosalie Schultz, Edward Mulholland…
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:240
  23. Comprehensive, timely, and integrated primary care services have been proposed as a response to the increased demand for mental health and substance use services especially among young people. However, little ...

    Authors: Visa Väisänen, Outi Linnaranta, Timo Sinervo, Laura Hietapakka and Marko Elovainio
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:238
  24. In 2010, China launched a rural-oriented tuition-waived medical education (RTME) programme to train more general practitioners (GPs) to meet the needs of the rural health workforce. Motivating and maintaining ...

    Authors: Wenxu Chen, Wenjia Xu, Yanhua Chen, Chengying Xu, Jiahui Zheng, Yunfeng Zou and Bo Zhou
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:237
  25. Chronic pain is a debilitating and common health issue. General Practitioners (GPs) often prescribe opioids to treat chronic pain, despite limited evidence of benefit and increasing evidence of harms, includin...

    Authors: HHK Wilson, B. Harris Roxas, N. Lintzeris and MF Harris
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:236
  26. We initially reported on the cost-effectiveness of a 6-month randomized controlled implementation trial which evaluated Health TAPESTRY, a primary care program for older adults, at the McMaster Family Health T...

    Authors: J. E. Tarride, G. Blackhouse, L. Lamarche, P. Forsyth, D. Oliver, T. Carr, M. Howard, L. Thabane, J. Datta, L. Dolovich, R. Clark, D. Price and D. Mangin
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:235
  27. Urinary tract infections (UTI) affect almost two-thirds of all women during their lives and many experience recurrent infections. There are evidence-based guidelines from multiple international societies for e...

    Authors: Jennifer Park, Michele Torosis, Ja-Hong Kim and A. Lenore Ackerman
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:234
  28. Social prescribing link workers are non-health or social care professionals who connect people with psychosocial needs to non-clinical community supports. They are being implemented widely, but there is limite...

    Authors: Bridget Kiely, Anna Hobbins, Fiona Boland, Barbara Clyne, Emer Galvin, Vivienne Byers, Sonali Loomba, Patrick O’Donnell, Deirdre Connolly, Eamon O.’ Shea and Susan M. Smith
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:233
  29. Recruitment for surveys has been a great challenge, especially in general practice.

    Authors: Athina Tatsioni, Peter Groenewegen, Esther Van Poel, Kyriaki Vafeidou, Radost Assenova, Kathryn Hoffmann, Emmily Schaubroeck, Stefanie Stark, Victoria Tkachenko and Sara Willems
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 24(Suppl 1):290

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 24 Supplement 1

  30. The unprecedented increase in telehealth use due to COVID-19 has changed general practitioners’ (GP) and patients’ engagement in healthcare. There is limited specific advice for effective communication when us...

    Authors: Sarah J. White, Amy D. Nguyen, Peter Roger, Tim Tse, John A. Cartmill, Sarah Hatem and Simon M. Willcock
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:232
  31. Client satisfaction is a multidimensional construct focusing on clients’ perceptions and evaluations of the treatment and care received. It is one of the factors affecting the outcomes of healthcare and the us...

    Authors: Muhammad Bashar Jibril, Mohammed Nasir Sambo, Hadiza Sulaiman, Hassan Shuaibu Musa, Abubakar Musa, Zaharaddeen Babandi Shuaibu, Lawal Aminu, Yusuf Hassan Wada and Aliko Ahmed
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:231
  32. Delayed transitions from pediatric to adult primary care leads to gaps in medical care. State all-payer claims data was used to assess multilevel factors associated with timely transition from pediatric to adu...

    Authors: Sarah A. Nowak, Maija Reblin, Mark Fung, Chelsea Turley and Kirsten Threlkeld
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:230
  33. This study assessed knowledge, behaviors, and perceptions towards hypertension following community dissemination on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk within the Navrongo Health and Demographic Surveillance Sit...

    Authors: Ahaana Singh, Godfred Agongo, Samuel T. Chatio, Bernard Logonia, Cornelius Y. Debpuur, Patrick O. Ansah, Abraham R. Oduro, Kerstin Klipstein-Grobusch and Engelbert A. Nonterah
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:229
  34. Fiji faces a growing burden of diseases and a significant emigration of health workers, heightening the role of community health workers (CHWs) in healthcare delivery. Effective training is crucial for CHWs to...

    Authors: Samuel Thio, Azeb Gebresilassie Tesema, Bindu Patel, Unise Vakaloloma, Colleen Wilson and Rohina Joshi
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:228
  35. Teledermatology is the practice of dermatology through communication technologies. The aim of this study is to analyze its implementation in a Spanish health area during its first two years.

    Authors: Elena Sánchez-Martín, Isabel Moreno-Sánchez, Marta Morán-Sánchez, Miguel Pérez-Martín, Manuel Martín-Morales and Luis García-Ortiz
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:227
  36. Early post-discharge assessments for newborns are recommended. Virtual care has become more prevalent during the pandemic, providing an opportunity to better understand its impact on the quality of post-discha...

    Authors: Eyal Cohen, Therese A. Stukel, Xuesong Wang, Azmina Altaf, Monica Kopec, Ori Davidov, Tharani Raveendran and Natasha R. Saunders
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:226
  37. Integrating behavioral health services into pediatric primary care can improve access to care, especially for children marginalized by poverty and racial/ethnic minority status. In primary care, a common prese...

    Authors: Jennifer A. Mautone, Alex Holdaway, Wendy Chan, Jeremy J. Michel, James P. Guevara, Amala Davis, Colette Desrochers, Erica Evans, Zia Gajary, Siobhan Leavy, Danah Rios, Katie L. Tremont, Jaclyn Cacia, Billie S. Schwartz, Abbas F. Jawad and Thomas J. Power
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:225
  38. The original ‘BETTER’ (Building on Existing Tools To Improve Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening in Primary Care) approach consisted of a prevention-focused visit between participants aged 40–65 years and...

    Authors: Nasheed Moqueet, Sylvie D. Cornacchi, Jesmin Antony, Ielaf Khalil, Donna Manca, Carolina Fernandes, Lawrence Paszat, Kris Aubrey-Bassler, Eva Grunfeld, Nicolette Sopcak, Andrew Pinto, Jill Konkin, Candace Nykiforuk, Linda Rabeneck, Peter Selby, Becky Wall…
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:224
  39. The caretaking process for older adults with depression and physical multimorbidity is complex. Older patients with both psychiatric and physical illnesses require an integrated and comprehensive approach to e...

    Authors: Laura Tops, Mei Lin Cromboom, Anouk Tans, Mieke Deschodt, Mathieu Vandenbulcke and Mieke Vermandere
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:223
  40. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a re-evaluation of infection prevention and control (IPC) in general practices, highlighting the need for comprehensive IPC implementation. This study aimed to evaluate healt...

    Authors: Famke Houben, Casper D. J. den Heijer, Nicole H. T. M. Dukers-Muijrers, Eefje G. P. M. de Bont, Hanneke T. Volbeda and Christian J. P. A. Hoebe
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:222
  41. Primary Health Care (PHC) plays a crucial role in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, with only 8% of cases requiring hospitalization. However, PHC COVID-19 data often goes unnoticed on European government dashboa...

    Authors: Sara Ares-Blanco, Marina Guisado-Clavero, Charilaos Lygidakis, María Fernández-García, Davorina Petek, Shlomo Vinker, Donald Li, Anna Stadval, José Joaquín Mira Solves, Lourdes Ramos Del Rio, Ileana Gefaell Larrondo, Louise Fitzgerald, Limor Adler, Radost Assenova, Maria Bakola, Sabine Bayen…
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:221
  42. Early identification and treatment of chronic disease is associated with better clinical outcomes, lower costs, and reduced hospitalisation. Primary care is ideally placed to identify patients at risk of, or i...

    Authors: Barbara Hunter, Sandra Davidson, Natalie Lumsden, Sophie Chima, Javiera Martinez Gutierrez, Jon Emery, Craig Nelson and Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:220
  43. It is unclear how primary care physicians manage insomnia after the introduction of novel hypnotics such as orexin receptor antagonists and melatonin receptor agonists. This Web-based questionnaire survey aime...

    Authors: Masahiro Takeshima, Hitoshi Sakurai, Ken Inada, Yumi Aoki, Kenya Ie, Morito Kise, Eriko Yoshida, Kentaro Matsui, Tomohiro Utsumi, Akiyoshi Shimura, Isa Okajima, Nozomu Kotorii, Hidehisa Yamashita, Masahiro Suzuki, Kenichi Kuriyama, Eiji Shimizu…
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:219
  44. Child maltreatment is a global problem that puts children at risk of mental illness, substance abuse, and premature death. Interdisciplinary collaboration is important in preventing and detecting child maltrea...

    Authors: Astrid Durdei Midtsund, Lena Henriksen, Mirjam Lukasse and Lisbeth Valla
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:218
  45. Advance care planning (ACP) is a process which enables patients to communicate wishes, values, fears, and preferences for future medical care. Despite patient interest in ACP, the frequency of discussions rema...

    Authors: Julie Stevens, Dawn Elston, Amy Tan, Doris Barwich, Rachel Zoe Carter, Diana Cochrane, Nicole Frenette and Michelle Howard
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:217
  46. General practitioners (GPs) specialized in cardiovascular disease (GPSI-CVD) may suspect heart failure (HF) more easily than GPs not specialized in CVD. We assessed whether GPSI-CVD consider investigations aim...

    Authors: Cornelia J. C. Vermeer, Amy Groenewegen, Monika Hollander, Janneke Schuring, Ingrid Looijmans–van den Akker, Andrew Oostindjer, Huug van Duijn, Ineke Nederend and Frans H. Rutten
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:216
  47. Given that mental health problems in adolescence may have lifelong impacts, the role of primary care physicians (PCPs) in identifying and managing these issues is important. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may of...

    Authors: Pooria Ghadiri, Mark J. Yaffe, Alayne Mary Adams and Samira Abbasgholizadeh-Rahimi
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:215
  48. The integration of mental health into primary care—i.e., the process by which a range of essential mental health care and services are made available in existing multipurpose health care settings that did not ...

    Authors: Erick Mukala Mayoyo, Faustin Chenge, Abdoulaye Sow, Bart Criel, Joris Michielsen, Kris Van den Broeck and Yves Coppieters
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2024 25:214

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