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  1. Health data is important, however, not always well managed. The aim of this study was to investigate the experiences of patients and primary care physicians, their expectations and the obstacles encountered wh...

    Authors: Kadri Suija, Laura Alexandra Mardo, Reet Laidoja, Siim Nahkur, Anu Parvelo and Ruth Kalda
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:159
  2. Government-subsidised general practice management plans (GPMPs) facilitate chronic disease management; however, impact on cardiovascular disease (CVD) is unknown. We aimed to determine utilisation and impact o...

    Authors: Genevieve Coorey, Anna Campain, John Mulley, Tim Usherwood, Julie Redfern, Mark Harris, Nicholas Zwar, Sharon Parker, Enrico Coiera and David Peiris
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:157
  3. At the onset of COVID-19, there was a rapid expansion of telehealth (video/telephone) visits to maintain delivery of primary care (PC) services at the Veterans Health Administration (VA). This study examines p...

    Authors: Claudia Der-Martirosian, Karen Chu, W. Neil Steers, Tamar Wyte-Lake, Michelle D. Balut, Aram Dobalian, Leonie Heyworth, Neil M. Paige and Lucinda Leung
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:155
  4. Benzydamine for oromucosal use is indicated in the relief of pain and irritation of the mouth and throat. It is an indazole derivative, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, with combined local anesthetic and ...

    Authors: Desiderio Passali, Maria Felice Arezzo, Alessandra De Rose, Gianmarco De Simone, Gianluigi Forte, Michalina Jablko-Musial and Ralph Mösges
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:154
  5. Studies consider the clinical encounter as linear, comprising six phases (opening, problem presentation, history-taking, physical examination, diagnosis, treatment and closing). This study utilizes formal conv...

    Authors: Maram Khazen, Erin E. Sullivan, Jason Ramos, Maria Mirica, Mark Linzer, Gordon D. Schiff and Andrew P. J. Olson
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:153
  6. Breast cancer survivors can be at high risk of having work-related problems. Previous studies suggest that GPs could discuss work participation with cancer patients and provide guidance.

    Authors: Marie-Christine Sarfo, Kristel M. van Asselt, Monique H. Frings-Dresen, Femke de Jong, Nynke van Dijk and Angela G. E. M. de Boer
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:152
  7. Our goals are to quantify the impact on acute care utilization of a specialized COVID-19 clinic with an integrated remote patient monitoring program in an academic medical center and further examine these data...

    Authors: Stacie Vilendrer, Anna Lestoquoy, Maja Artandi, Linda Barman, Kendell Cannon, Donn W. Garvert, Douglas Halket, Laura M. Holdsworth, Sara Singer, Laura Vaughan and Marcy Winget
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:151
  8. Guideline adherence is generally high in Dutch general practices. However, the prescription of insulins to type 2 diabetes mellitus patients is often not in line with the guideline, which recommends NPH insuli...

    Authors: M. Dankers, M. J. E. van den Berk-Bulsink, M. van Dalfsen-Slingerland, H.J.M.G. Nelissen-Vrancken, A. K. Mantel-Teeuwisse and L. van Dijk
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:150
  9. PCR testing is considered the gold standard for SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis but its results are earliest available hours to days after testing. Rapid antigen tests represent a diagnostic tool enabling testing at the ...

    Authors: Jörn Rohde, Wolfgang Himmel, Clemens Hofinger, Thiên-Trí Lâm, Hanna Schrader, Julia Wallstabe, Oliver Kurzai and Ildikó Gágyor
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:149
  10. Screening for diabetes distress is recommended when caring for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in primary healthcare (PHC). The 5-item Problem Areas in Diabetes (PAID-5) scale is widely used to m...

    Authors: Hazem A. Sayed Ahmed, Samar F. Mohamed, Mona Mostafa, Sally Fawzy Elotla, Asghar Shah, Jaffer Shah and Ahmed Mahmoud Fouad
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:148
  11. The risk of thromboembolic events and COVID-19 complications in anticoagulated patients once hospitalized has been widely analyzed. We aim to assess these outcomes in primary health care (PHC) patients chronic...

    Authors: Maria Giner-Soriano, Ainhoa Gomez-Lumbreras, Cristina Vedia, Dan Ouchi and Rosa Morros
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:147
  12. The growing number of cancer survivors and treatment possibilities call for more personalised and integrated cancer care. Primary care seems well positioned to support this. We aimed to assess the effects of s...

    Authors: I. A. A. Perfors, C. W. Helsper, E. A. Noteboom, E. A. Visserman, E. B. L. van Dorst, T. van Dalen, M. A. M. T. Verhagen, A. J. Witkamp, R. Koelemij, A. E. Flinterman, K. A. B. M. Pruissen-Peeters, F. M. N. H. Schramel, M. T. M. van Rens, M. F. Ernst, L. M. G. Moons, E. van der Wall…
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:145
  13. To assess current practice regarding the management of rheumatoid arthritis patients among general practitioners of a French region, and their perception about the deployment of a multidisciplinary collaboration.

    Authors: Anne-Laure Yailian, Charline Estublier, Aurélie Fontana, Emmanuelle Vignot, Cyrille Confavreux, Roland Chapurlat, Humbert de Fréminville and Audrey Janoly-Dumenil
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:144
  14. Low back pain (LBP) is a leading cause of disability and is among the top five reasons that patients visit their family doctors. Over-imaging for non-specific low back pain remains a problem in primary care. T...

    Authors: Andrea Pike, Andrea Patey, Rebecca Lawrence, Kris Aubrey-Bassler, Jeremy Grimshaw, Sameh Mortazhejri, Shawn Dowling, Yamile Jasaui and Amanda Hall
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:143
  15. Vulnerability due to low psychosocial resources increases among women in the fertile age. Undetected vulnerability in pregnancy is a major contributor to inequality in maternal and perinatal health and constit...

    Authors: Louise Brygger Venø, L. Bjørnskov Pedersen, J. Søndergaard, R. K. Ertmann and D. E. Jarbøl
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:142
  16. Low-value care provides minimal or no benefit for the patient, wastes resources, and can cause harm. Explicit do-not-do recommendations in clinical guidelines are a first step in reducing low-value care. The a...

    Authors: Simone A. van Dulmen, Ngoc Hue Tran, Tjerk Wiersma, Eva W. Verkerk, Jasmine CL Messaoudi, Jako S. Burgers and Rudolf B. Kool
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:141
  17. Health anxiety (HA) is defined as a worry of disease. An association between HA and mental illness has been reported, but few have looked at the association between HA and physical disease.

    Authors: Anja Davis Norbye, Birgit Abelsen, Olav Helge Førde and Unni Ringberg
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:140
  18. Healthcare providers frequently struggle to provide effective care to patients with chronic Lyme-associated symptoms (chronic Lyme disease, CLD), potentially causing these patients to feel misunderstood or neg...

    Authors: M. E. Baarsma, S. A. Claassen, H. E. van der Horst, J. W. Hovius and J. M. Sanders
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:139
  19. Much of the research about the validity of depression screening questionnaires is on criterion validity. Evidence is scarce on the concurrent, convergent and construct validity of these measures, particularly ...

    Authors: Kassahun Habtamu, Rahel Birhane, Girmay Medhin, Charlotte Hanlon and Abebaw Fekadu
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:138
  20. In Australia, only 22% of people with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) are clinically managed; and a national effort is engaging primary care workforce in providing CHB-related care. This study explored CHB-related k...

    Authors: Yinzong Xiao, Caroline van Gemert, Jess Howell, Jack Wallace, Jacqueline Richmond, Emily Adamson, Alexander Thompson and Margaret Hellard
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:137
  21. Township hospitals in China face the challenge of shortage and turnover of healthcare workers. This study aims to evaluate the relationship between organisational support for career development (OSCD), organis...

    Authors: Huan Wu and Yaqing Liu
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:136
  22. Studies on factors affecting weight loss effect after start of dapagliflozin in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients are few. The aim of this study was to identify if there were any patient characteristics...

    Authors: Youn Huh and Young Sik Kim
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:134
  23. General practitioners (GPs) are often faced with complex problems, including patients with socio-economic and medical problems. However, the methods they use to approach these complexities are still not unders...

    Authors: Junji Haruta, Ryohei Goto, Ozone Sachiko, Shuhei Kimura, Junko Teruyama, Yusuke Hama and Tetsuhiro Maeno
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:133
  24. The demand for home healthcare is increasing in Japan, and a 24-hour on-call system could be a burden for primary care physicians. Identifying high-risk patients who need frequent emergency house calls could h...

    Authors: Yu Sun, Masao Iwagami, Nobuo Sakata, Tomoko Ito, Ryota Inokuchi, Kazuaki Uda, Shota Hamada, Miho Ishimaru, Jun Komiyama, Naoaki Kuroda, Satoru Yoshie, Tatsuro Ishizaki, Katsuya Iijima and Nanako Tamiya
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:132
  25. Home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) could improve blood pressure control through therapeutic adherence. The main objective of this study was to determine the link between HBPM used by hypertensive patients t...

    Authors: Jéromine Trefond, Lucie Hermet, Céline Lambert, Hélène Vaillant-Roussel, Denis Pouchain, Thibault Ménini, Bruno Pereira and Philippe Vorilhon
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:131
  26. As Ireland's population increases and chronic disease becomes more prevalent, demand on limited general practice services will increase. Nursing roles within general practice are now considered to be standard,...

    Authors: F. Feerick, C. O. Connor, P. Hayes and D. Kelly
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:130
  27. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused home health care workers (home-HCWs) to experience anxiety. The mental health of home-HCWs and related factors during the COVID-19 pandemic have not been clarified; therefore, ...

    Authors: Jun Hamano, Hirokazu Tachikawa, Sho Takahashi, Saori Ekoyama, Hiroka Nagaoka, Sachiko Ozone, Shoichi Masumoto, Takahiro Hosoi and Tetsuaki Arai
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:129
  28. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Canada. Assessment and management of CVD risk is essential in reducing disease burden. This includes both clinical risk factors and s...

    Authors: Ian S. Johnston, Brendan Miles, Boglarka Soos, Stephanie Garies, Grace Perez, John A. Queenan, Neil Drummond and Alexander Singer
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:128
  29. The global COVID-19 pandemic led to rapid changes in both medical care and medical education, particularly involving the rapid substitution of virtual solutions for traditional face-to-face appointments. There...

    Authors: Neale Smith, Christie Newton, Demetra Barbacuta and Olivia Ling-I Tseng
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:127
  30. Around 20% of the Dutch population is living with chronic musculoskeletal pain (CMP), which is a complex and multifactorial problem. This complexity makes it hard to define a classification system, which resul...

    Authors: Syl Slatman, Annemiek Mossink, Duncan Jansen, José Broeks, Peter van der Lugt, Gert-Jan Prosman and Wendy Oude Nijeweme - d’Hollosy
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:126
  31. The aim of this article is to describe the courses of vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and clinical deterioration, in children with uncomplicated gastroenteritis at presentation. This study was performed as a 7-day ...

    Authors: Anouk A. H. Weghorst, Irma J. Bonvanie, Gea A. Holtman, Michiel R. de Boer and Marjolein Y. Berger
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:125
  32. Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors (SGLT2i) and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1RA) have shown benefits in patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD), heart failure (HF), an...

    Authors: Robin Hao, Tyler Myroniuk, Taylor McGuckin, Donna Manca, Denise Campbell-Scherer, Darren Lau and Roseanne O. Yeung
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:124
  33. Little is known regarding parents’ experiences caring for children with acute otitis media (AOM). This study aimed to explore parents’ experiences caring for their child with AOM, identifying symptoms they obs...

    Authors: Matthew C. Lee, Dio Kavalieratos, Anastasia Alberty, Destin Groff, Mary Ann Haralam and Nader Shaikh
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:123
  34. Many patients have multiple health conditions and take multiple medications (polypharmacy). Active patient involvement may improve treatment outcomes and ensure patient-centred care. Yet, patient involvement r...

    Authors: Amanda Sandbæk, Marlene Christina Rosengaard Møller, Flemming Bro, Kirsten Høj, Line Due Christensen and Anna Mygind
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:122
  35. Organizational and clinician characteristics are important considerations for the implementation of evidence-based recommendations into primary care practice. The introduction of Canadian dementia practice gui...

    Authors: Mary Henein, Geneviève Arsenault-Lapierre, Nadia Sourial, Claire Godard-Sebillotte, Howard Bergman and Isabelle Vedel
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:121
  36. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer incidence and mortality worldwide. Prompt patient help-seeking for signs and symptoms suggestive of lung cancer is crucial for early referral, diagnosis, and survivor...

    Authors: Mohamad M. Saab, Michelle O’Driscoll, Serena FitzGerald, Laura J. Sahm, Patricia Leahy-Warren, Brendan Noonan, Caroline Kilty, Noreen Lyons, Heather E. Burns, Una Kennedy, Áine Lyng and Josephine Hegarty
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:119
  37. Physical inactivity has contributed to the current prevalence of many age-related diseases, including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Peer coach physical activity intervention are effective in incr...

    Authors: Paul L. van de Vijver, Frank H. Schalkwijk, Mattijs E. Numans, Joris P. J. Slaets and David van Bodegom
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:118
  38. Growing demand for medical assistants (MAs) in team-based primary care has led health systems to explore career ladders based on expanded MA responsibilities as a solution to improve MA recruitment and retenti...

    Authors: Stacie Vilendrer, Alexis Amano, Cati Brown Johnson, Timothy Morrison and Steve Asch
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:117
  39. Complex elective foot and ankle surgery is known to be painful so most patients are prescribed opioids at the time of surgery; however, the number of patients prescribed opioids while waiting for surgery in Ca...

    Authors: C. Michael Goplen, M. Elizabeth Pedersen, Ailar Ramadi and Lauren A. Beaupre
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:116
  40. During the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, people have been confronted with a large amount of information about the virus and the governmental measures against its spreading. However, more than a...

    Authors: Bart Knottnerus, Monique Heijmans and Jany Rademakers
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:115
  41. General practitioners (GPs) are in a unique position for community detection and management of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). However, adequate knowledge, attitudes, and practice (KAP) are prerequisites for ...

    Authors: Yuan Lu, Chaojie Liu, Sally Fawkes, Zhaoxin Wang and Dehua Yu
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:114
  42. Although primary care (PC) is an indispensable part of the health system, measuring its quality is challenging. A recent measure of PC, Person-Centered Primary Care Measure (PCPCM), covers 11 important domains...

    Authors: Makoto Kaneko, Tadao Okada, Takuya Aoki, Machiko Inoue, Takamasa Watanabe, Makoto Kuroki, Daichi Hayashi and Masato Matsushima
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:112
  43. Despite the known safety risks of long-term use of sedative-hypnotic/anxiolytic medications, there has been limited guidance for the safe and effective use of their chronic use in a primary care clinic setting...

    Authors: Kiana Gozda, Joyce Leung, Lindsay Baum, Alexander Singer, Gerald Konrad, Diana E. McMillan, Jamie Falk, Leanne Kosowan and Christine Leong
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:111
  44. Research self-efficacy is one of the crucial predictors of productively engaging in research activities emphasized by the Qatar National Vision 2030. Nevertheless, studies typically focus on research self-effi...

    Authors: Iheb Bougmiza, Sarah Naja, Mohamad Alchawa, Muna Abed Alah, Noora Al Kaabi, Noora Al Kubaisi and Nagah Selim
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:107

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