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  1. To study the influence of a nationwide albuminuria self-test program on the number of GP contacts for urinary complaints and/or kidney diseases and the number of newly diagnosed patients with kidney diseases b...

    Authors: Julia de Borst, Markus MJ Nielen, Robert A Verheij and François G Schellevis
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:81
  2. Screening for obesity and providing appropriate obesity-related counseling in the clinical setting are important strategies to prevent and control childhood obesity. The purpose of this study is to document pe...

    Authors: Holly R Wethington, Bettylou Sherry and Barbara Polhamus
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:80
  3. Relatively little is known regarding to what extent community-based primary care physicians are encountering post-deployment health care needs among veterans of the Afghanistan or Iraq conflicts and their fami...

    Authors: Polly H Noël, John E Zeber, Mary J Pugh, Erin P Finley and Michael L Parchman
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:79
  4. Implementing a primary care clinical research study in several countries can make it possible to recruit sufficient patients in a short period of time that allows important clinical questions to be answered. L...

    Authors: Jacqueline Nuttall, Kerenza Hood, Theo JM Verheij, Paul Little, Curt Brugman, Robert ER Veen, Herman Goossens and Christopher C Butler
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:78
  5. Somatic symptoms are a common reason for visits to the family physician. The aim of this study was to examine the relation between non-specific symptoms and changes in emotional well-being and the degree to wh...

    Authors: Andre Matalon, Andy Kotliroff, Gari Blumberg, John Yaphe and Eliezer Kitai
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:77
  6. Except for the established risk factors, presence of target organ damage has an important role in the treatment of hypertensive subjects. The aim of the present study was to estimate the prevalence of target o...

    Authors: Athanasia Papazafiropoulou, Efstathios Skliros, Alexios Sotiropoulos, Christos Papafragos, Aristofanis Gikas, Ourania Apostolou, Hariklia Kaliora and Charalambos Tountas
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:75
  7. Clinical guidelines have been the subject of much criticism in primary care literature partly due to potential conflicts in their implementation among patients with multiple chronic conditions. We assessed the...

    Authors: Martin Fortin, Eric Contant, Catherine Savard, Catherine Hudon, Marie-Eve Poitras and José Almirall
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:74
  8. Little information is available on the problem of chronic pain among homeless individuals. This study aimed to describe the characteristics of and treatments for chronic pain, barriers to pain management, conc...

    Authors: Stephen W Hwang, Emma Wilkins, Catharine Chambers, Eileen Estrabillo, Jon Berends and Anna MacDonald
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:73
  9. Chlamydia is the most common curable sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the Netherlands. The majority of chlamydia diagnoses are made by general practitioners (GPs). Baseline data from primary care will f...

    Authors: Anita WM Suijkerbuijk, Ingrid VF van den Broek, Henk J Brouwer, Ann M Vanrolleghem, Johanna HK Joosten, Robert A Verheij, Marianne AB van der Sande and Mirjam EE Kretzschmar
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:72
  10. Patient enablement can be defined as the extent to which a patient is capable of understanding and coping with his or her health issues. This concept is linked to a number of health outcomes such as self-manag...

    Authors: Catherine Hudon, Martin Fortin, Francis Rossignol, Susie Bernier and Marie-Eve Poitras
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:71
  11. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications are a common cause of reported adverse drug side-effects. This study describes the prevalence of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) use (other than low-...

    Authors: Robert J Adams, Sarah L Appleton, Tiffany K Gill, Anne W Taylor, David H Wilson and Catherine L Hill
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:70
  12. Considering the scarcity of health care resources and the high costs associated with cardiovascular diseases, we investigated the spending on cardiovascular primary preventive activities and the prescribing be...

    Authors: Esther W de Bekker-Grob, Sandra van Dulmen, Matthijs van den Berg, Robert A Verheij and Laurentius CJ Slobbe
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:69
  13. More than half of the patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) patients are diagnosed with one or more comorbid disorders. They can participate in several single-disease oriented disease management programs, which...

    Authors: Nathalie Versnel, Laura MC Welschen, Caroline A Baan, Giel Nijpels and François G Schellevis
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:68
  14. The principles and practice of Family Medicine that arose in developed Western countries have been imported and adopted in African countries without adequate consideration of their relevance and appropriatenes...

    Authors: Stephen J Reid, Robert Mash, Raymond V Downing and Shabir Moosa
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:67
  15. Appropriate management of anxiety disorders in primary care requires clinical assessment and monitoring of the severity of the anxiety. This study focuses on the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) as a severity indi...

    Authors: Anna DT Muntingh, Christina M van der Feltz-Cornelis, Harm WJ van Marwijk, Philip Spinhoven, Brenda WJH Penninx and Anton JLM van Balkom
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:66
  16. Delirium is a common illness among elderly hospitalized patients. However, under-recognition of the condition by non-psychiatrically trained personnel is prevalent. This study investigated the performance of f...

    Authors: Nahathai Wongpakaran, Tinakon Wongpakaran, Putipong Bookamana, Manee Pinyopornpanish, Benchalak Maneeton, Peerasak Lerttrakarnnon, Kasem Uttawichai and Surin Jiraniramai
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:65
  17. To assess the effectiveness (change in knowledge and skills measured by the Fresno test) of a short course in Evidence Based Practice (EBP) carried out in a group of family medicine residents

    Authors: Josep M Argimon-Pallàs, Gemma Flores-Mateo, Josep Jiménez-Villa and Enriqueta Pujol-Ribera
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:64
  18. In prognostic research, prediction rules are generally statistically derived. However the composition and performance of these statistical models may strongly depend on the characteristics of the derivation sa...

    Authors: David Vergouw, Martijn W Heymans, Henrica CW de Vet, Daniëlle AWM van der Windt and Henriëtte E van der Horst
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:63
  19. Undiagnosed airflow limitation is common in the general population and is associated with impaired health and functional status. Smoking is the most important risk factor for this condition. Although primary c...

    Authors: Mar Rodriguez-Alvarez, Pere Torán-Monserrat, Laura Muñoz-Ortiz, Antonio Negrete-Palma, Juan José Montero-Alia, Mercedes Jiménez-González, Elena Zurilla-Leonarte, Victoria Marina-Ortega, Montserrat Olle-Borque, Esther Valentin-Moya, Anna Cortada-Cabrera, Alexis Tena-Domingo, Silvia Martínez-González, Victoria Vila-Palau, Adriana Ramos-Ordoñez, Guida Rotllant-Estelrich…
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:61
  20. From both clinical experience and research we learned that in complex progressive disorders such as dementia, diagnosis includes multiple steps, each with their own clinical and research characteristics.

    Authors: Frank Buntinx, Jan De Lepeleire, Louis Paquay, Steve Iliffe and Birgitte Schoenmakers
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:60
  21. There are now effective drugs to prevent cardiovascular disease and guidelines recommend their use. Patients do not always choose to accept preventive medication at levels of risk reduction recommended in guid...

    Authors: Nicola K Gale, Sheila Greenfield, Paramjit Gill, Kerry Gutridge and Tom Marshall
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:59
  22. Dizziness is a common complaint of older patients in primary care, yet not much is known about the course of incident dizziness. The aim of the study was to follow-up symptoms, subjective impairments and needs...

    Authors: Julia Sczepanek, Birgitt Wiese, Eva Hummers-Pradier and Carsten Kruschinski
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:58
  23. Informal carers frequently suffer adverse consequences from caring. General practice teams are well positioned to support them. However, what carers of stroke survivors want and expect from general practice, a...

    Authors: Nan Greenwood, Ann Mackenzie, Ruth Harris, Will Fenton and Geoffrey Cloud
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:57
  24. The aim of the present research is to conduct a fully powered explanatory trial to evaluate the efficacy of a brief self-regulation intervention to increase walking. The intervention will be delivered in prima...

    Authors: David P French, Stefanie L Williams, Susan Michie, Claire Taylor, Ala Szczepura, Nigel Stallard and Jeremy Dale
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:56
  25. In Curaçao is a high incidence of unintended pregnancies and induced abortions. Most of the induced abortions in Curaçao are on request of the woman and performed by general practitioners. In Curaçao, induced ...

    Authors: Maaike J van den Brink, Adriana A Boersma, Betty Meyboom-de Jong and Jeanne GM de Bruijn
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:55
  26. There is a strong rationale for intervening in early childhood to prevent obesity. Over a quarter of infants gain weight more rapidly than desirable during the first six months of life putting them at greater ...

    Authors: Sarah A Redsell, Philippa J Atkinson, Dilip Nathan, Aloysius N Siriwardena, Judy A Swift and Cris Glazebrook
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:54
  27. Excessive use of antibiotics is worldwide the most important reason for development of antimicrobial resistance. As antibiotic resistance may spread across borders, high prevalence countries may serve as a sou...

    Authors: Lars Bjerrum, Anders Munck, Bente Gahrn-Hansen, Malene Plejdrup Hansen, Dorte Ejg Jarbol, Gloria Cordoba, Carl Llor, Josep Maria Cots, Silvia Hernández, Beatriz González López-Valcárcel, Antonia Pérez, Lidia Caballero, Walter von der Heyde, Ruta Radzeviciene, Arnoldas Jurgutis, Anatoliy Reutskiy…
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:52
  28. The effect of psychosomatic co-morbidity on resource use for systems with unlimited access remains unclear. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact on practice visits, referrals and periods of disabil...

    Authors: Antonius Schneider, Elisabeth Hörlein, Eva Wartner, Isabelle Schumann, Peter Henningsen and Klaus Linde
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:51
  29. Patient safety is a leading item on the policy agenda of both major international health organizations and advanced countries generally. The quantitative description of the phenomena has given rise to intense ...

    Authors: Clara González-Formoso, María Victoria Martín-Miguel, Ma José Fernández-Domínguez, Antonio Rial, Fernando Isidro Lago-Deibe, Luis Ramil-Hermida, Margarita Pérez-García and Ana Clavería
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:50
  30. Spinal manipulation and acupuncture can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of musculoskeletal (MSK) pain. Both approaches are currently recommended by NICE as treatment options for patients with persistent lo...

    Authors: Anna Cheshire, Marie Polley, David Peters and Damien Ridge
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:49
  31. Previous research on time to referral to orthopaedic surgery has predominantly used hip complaints as starting point instead of the moment the diagnosis of osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip is established, theref...

    Authors: Nienke Paans, Willem Jan van der Veen, Klaas van der Meer, Sjoerd K Bulstra, Inge van den Akker-Scheek and Martin Stevens
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:48
  32. Current management in primary care of depression, with or without comorbid physical illness, has been found to be suboptimal. We therefore conducted a systematic review to identify clinician perceived barriers...

    Authors: Elizabeth A Barley, Joanna Murray, Paul Walters and André Tylee
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:47
  33. Social support is an important factor in the adaptation process of immigrants, helping for their integration in a new environment. The lack of social support may influence on well-being and health status. The ...

    Authors: Miguel Á Salinero-Fort, Laura del Otero-Sanz, Carmen Martín-Madrazo, Carmen de Burgos-Lunar, Rosa M Chico-Moraleja, Berta Rodés-Soldevila, Rodrigo Jiménez-García and Paloma Gómez-Campelo
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:46
  34. Chest pain is a common complaint and reason for consultation in primary care. Few data exist from a primary care setting whether male patients are treated differently than female patients. We examined whether ...

    Authors: Stefan Bösner, Jörg Haasenritter, Maren Abu Hani, Heidi Keller, Andreas C Sönnichsen, Konstantinos Karatolios, Juergen R Schaefer, Erika Baum and Norbert Donner-Banzhoff
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:45
  35. Primary care reform in Ontario, Canada started with the introduction of new enrollment models, the two largest of which are Family Health Networks (FHNs), a capitation-based model, and Family Health Groups (FH...

    Authors: R Liisa Jaakkimainen, Jan Barnsley, Julie Klein-Geltink, Alexander Kopp and Richard H Glazier
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:44
  36. The Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) Measure is a widely used patient-rated experience measure which has recently been translated into Chinese and has undergone preliminary qualitative and quantitati...

    Authors: Stewart W Mercer, Colman SC Fung, Frank WK Chan, Fiona YY Wong, Samuel YS Wong and Douglas Murphy
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:43
  37. Every year, more than 650,000 Europeans die because they smoke. Smoking is considered to be the single most preventable factor influencing health. General practitioners (GP) are encouraged to advise on smoking...

    Authors: Astri Medbø, Hasse Melbye and Carl Edvard Rudebeck
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:42
  38. Depression is a common illness, often treated in primary care. Guidelines provide recommendations for referral to mental health care. Several studies investigated determinants of referral, none investigated gu...

    Authors: Ellen Piek, Klaas van der Meer, Brenda WJH Penninx, Peter FM Verhaak and Willem A Nolen
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:41
  39. Patients attending general practices receive only about sixty per cent of the preventive services that are indicated for them. This pilot study explores patient acceptability and perceived utility of automatic...

    Authors: Oliver R Frank, Nigel P Stocks and Paul Aylward
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:40
  40. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is common in older people. An ankle-brachial index (ABI) < 0.9 can be used as an indicator of PAD. Patients with low ABI have increased mortality and a higher risk of serious ...

    Authors: Stein Bergiers, Bert Vaes and Jan Degryse
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:39
  41. Coronary heart disease and depression are both common health problems and by 2020 will be the two leading causes of disability worldwide. Depression has been found to be more common in patients with coronary h...

    Authors: André Tylee, Mark Ashworth, Elizabeth Barley, June Brown, John Chambers, Anne Farmer, Zoe Fortune, Mark Haddad, Rebecca Lawton, Anthony Mann, Anita Mehay, Paul McCrone, Joanna Murray, Morven Leese, Carmine M Pariante, Diana Rose…
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:38
  42. The Spanish Palliative Care Strategy recommends an intermediate level of training for primary care physicians in order to provide them with knowledge and skills. Most of the training involves face-to-face cour...

    Authors: Marta Pelayo, Diego Cebrián, Almudena Areosa, Yolanda Agra, Juan Vicente Izquierdo and Félix Buendía
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:37
  43. The high prevalence of bacteriuria in elderly individuals makes it difficult to know if a new symptom is related to bacteria in the urine. There are different views concerning this relationship and bacteriuria...

    Authors: Pär-Daniel Sundvall, Peter Ulleryd and Ronny K Gunnarsson
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:36
  44. The development of resistance to antimicrobial therapy by Neisseria gonorrhoeae causes on-going problems for individual case management of gonorrhoea. Surveillance data about N. gonorrhoeae have indicated an incr...

    Authors: Alessandra Falchi, Andrea Lasserre, Anne Gallay, Thierry Blanchon, Patrice Sednaoui, François Lassau, Veronique Massari, Clément Turbelin and Thomas Hanslik
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:35
  45. Parents of febrile children frequently contact primary care. Longer duration of fever has been related to increased risk for serious bacterial infections (SBI). However, the evidence for this association remai...

    Authors: Gijs Elshout, Miriam Monteny, Johannes C van der Wouden, Bart W Koes and Marjolein Y Berger
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:33
  46. Chronic pain patients are common in general practice. In this study "chronic pain" is defined as diffuse musculoskeletal pain not due to inflammatory diseases or cancer. Effective patient-physician relations i...

    Authors: Mia Hemborg Kristiansson, Annika Brorsson, Caroline Wachtler and Margareta Troein
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:31

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