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  1. Canadians are known to be frequent users of emergency department (ED) care. However, the exchange of information from ED visits to family physicians (FPs) is not well known. Our objectives were to determine wh...

    Authors: Liisa Jaakkimainen, Hannah Chung, Hong Lu, Bogdan Pinzaru and Elisa Candido
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:235
  2. As treatments for cancer have improved, more people are surviving cancer. However, compared to people without a history of cancer, cancer survivors are more likely to die of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Incre...

    Authors: Leah L. Zullig, Mohammad Shahsahebi, Benjamin Neely, Terry Hyslop, Renee A. V. Avecilla, Brittany M. Griffin, Kacey Clayton-Stiglbauer, Theresa Coles, Lynda Owen, Bryce B. Reeve, Kevin Shah, Rebecca A. Shelby, Linda Sutton, Michaela A. Dinan, S. Yousuf Zafar, Nishant P. Shah…
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:234
  3. Little is known about how patients with low socioeconomic status (SES) experience their chronic disease, and how it impacts health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Compared to their more affluent counterparts,...

    Authors: Lisa Van Wilder, Peter Pype, Fien Mertens, Elke Rammant, Els Clays, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Pauline Boeckxstaens and Delphine De Smedt
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:233
  4. In the Netherlands, euthanasia has been regulated by law since 2002. In the past decade, a growing number of persons with dementia requested for euthanasia, and more requests were granted. A euthanasia request...

    Authors: Jaap Schuurmans, Chantalle Crol, Boudewijn Chabot, Marcel Olde Rikkert and Yvonne Engels
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:232
  5. In rapidly aging populations, general practitioners (GPs) are challenged in dementia care of patients with and without migration background. Uncertainties in treating dementia in migrant patients due to langua...

    Authors: Sabine Christine Jäger, Anna-Liesa Filbert, Thomas Welchowski and Birgitta Weltermann
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:231
  6. Cancer is a major cause of illness and death, and its incidence and mortality can be reduced through effective screening. In order to improve below target screening rates in one region of Australia, the local ...

    Authors: Steven A. Trankle, Christine Metusela and Jennifer Reath
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:230
  7. A shortage of primary care physicians has been reported in many countries. Primary care systems are diverse and the challenges leading to a decline in workforce are at times context-specific and require tailor...

    Authors: Lorainne Tudor Car, Yee Sean Teng, Jin Wei How, Nadia Nasuha Binte Mohammad Nazri, Amy Li Xian Tan, Joanne Quah, Stephen Peckham and Helen Smith
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:229
  8. Most individuals with depression go unidentified and untreated. In 2016 the US Preventive Services Task Force released guidelines recommending universal screening in primary care to identify patients with depr...

    Authors: Briana S. Last, Alison M. Buttenheim, Anne C. Futterer, Cecilia Livesey, Jeffrey Jaeger, Rebecca E. Stewart, Megan Reilly, Matthew J. Press, Maryanne Peifer, Courtney Benjamin Wolk and Rinad S. Beidas
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:228
  9. The number of elderly people living in the community who are limited in daily activities is increasing worldwide. This generates prolonged care, which usually falls on one family member, the family caregiver. ...

    Authors: Aya Biderman, Sara Carmel, Shimon Amar and Yaacov G. Bachner
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:227
  10. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on resident training in different branches and affected the physical and mental health of frontline residents adversely. This nationwide cross-sectional survey a...

    Authors: Hüsna Çevik and Mehmet Ungan
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:226
  11. How contextual factors may influence GP decisions in real life practice is poorly understood. The authors have undertaken a scoping review of antibiotic prescribing in primary care, with a focus on the interac...

    Authors: Resha Al-Azzawi, Peder A. Halvorsen and Torsten Risør
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:225
  12. Follow-up care is crucial but challenging for disease management particularly in rural areas with limited healthcare resources and clinical capacity, yet few studies have been conducted from the perspective of...

    Authors: Yi Wang, Xiu-Jing Hu, Harry H. X. Wang, Hong-Yan Duan, Ying Chen, Yu-Ting Li, Zi-Lin Luo, Xin Li, Jia-Ji Wang and Stewart W. Mercer
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:224
  13. There is a need for evidence that residency training in family medicine can benefit the care of patients in primary care in low- and middle-income countries. We tested the hypothesis that two years of residenc...

    Authors: Adelson Guaraci Jantsch, Bo Burström, Gunnar Nilsson and Antônio Ponce de Leon
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:223
  14. Practice based research and learning networks (PBRLNs) are groups of learning communities that focus on improving delivery and quality of care. Accurate data from primary care electronic medical records (EMRs)...

    Authors: Manpreet Thandi, Sabrina T. Wong, Sylvia Aponte-Hao, Mathew Grandy, Dee Mangin, Alexander Singer and Tyler Williamson
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:220
  15. In the UK, about 14% of community-dwelling adults aged 65 and over are estimated to be at risk of malnutrition. Screening older adults in primary care and treating those at risk may help to reduce malnutrition...

    Authors: Liz Payne, Daniela Ghio, Elisabeth Grey, Joanna Slodkowska-Barabasz, Philine Harris, Michelle Sutcliffe, Sue Green, Helen C. Roberts, Caroline Childs, Sian Robinson, Bernard Gudgin, Pam Holloway, Jo Kelly, Kathy Wallis, Oliver Dean, Paul Aveyard…
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:219
  16. With the increasing attention for the role of General Practitioners (GPs) after cancer treatment, it is important to better understand the involvement of GPs following prostate cancer treatment. This study inv...

    Authors: Barbara M. Wollersheim, Mies van Eenbergen, Kristel M. van Asselt, Laurent M. C. L. Fossion, Evert L. Koldewijn, Jorg R. Oddens, Eric H. Oomens, Bart P. Wijsman, Lonneke V. van de Poll-Franse and Nicole P. M. Ezendam
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:218
  17. To create an effective community-based integrated care system, interprofessional collaboration based on healthcare professionals’ mutual understanding of their respective roles must be promoted. This study aim...

    Authors: Junji Haruta, Ryohei Goto, Sachiko Ozone and Tetsuhiro Maeno
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:217
  18. Common cold is a frequent illness in northern hemisphere between late autumn and early spring. Patients suffering from it frequently turn to pharmacists instead of physicians in order to receive medical advice...

    Authors: Malgorzata Pietrusiewicz, Paulina Natalia Kopa-Stojak and Rafal Pawliczak
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:216
  19. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among people living with HIV (PLWH), but statin therapy, safe and effective for PLWH, is under-prescribed. This study examined clinic le...

    Authors: Allison J. Ober, Sae Takada, Deborah Zajdman, Ivy Todd, Tamara Horwich, Abraelle Anderson, Soma Wali and Joseph A. Ladapo
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:215
  20. Children and adolescents with overweight are known to have lower Quality of Life (QoL) compared to peers with a normal weight. QoL is a broad concept and is associated with many factors. A better understanding...

    Authors: Hevy Hassan, Winifred D. Paulis, Patrick J. E. Bindels, Bart W. Koes and Marienke van Middelkoop
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:214
  21. Studies conducted to understand how family doctors develop resilience and deal with the challenges posed by work-related stress, usually have focused on identifying the elements that generate resilience from p...

    Authors: Roger Ruiz Moral, Diana Monge Martín, Cristina Garcia de Leonardo, Santiago Alvarez Montero and Fernando Caballero Martínez
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:213
  22. An increasing number of countries legalise the use of medical cannabis or allow it for a narrow range of medical conditions. Physicians, and often the patients’ general practitioner, play a major role in imple...

    Authors: Sabrina Trappaud Rønne, Frederik Rosenbæk, Line Bjørnskov Pedersen, Frans Boch Waldorff, Jesper Bo Nielsen, Helle Riisgaard and Jens Søndergaard
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:212
  23. It may take 15 years or longer before research evidence is integrated into clinical practice. This evidence-to-practice gap has deleterious effects on patients as well as research and clinical processes. Bring...

    Authors: Astrid Eich-Krohm, Bernt-Peter Robra, Yvonne Marx and Markus Herrmann
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:211
  24. Chronic pain and insomnia have a complex, bidirectional relationship – addressing sleep complaints alongside pain may be key to alleviating patient-reported distress and disability. Healthcare professionals ha...

    Authors: V. E. J. Collard, C. Moore, V. Nichols, D. R. Ellard, S. Patel, H. Sandhu, H. Parsons, U. Sharma, M. Underwood, J. Madan and N. K. Y. Tang
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:210
  25. Women who have had gestational diabetes during pregnancy are at very high risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life, but their understanding of the risks is often limited. In this study we explored the ...

    Authors: Josie M. M. Evans, Aileen V. Ireland, Dawn M. Cameron, Kate M. Clarke and Claire E. Eades
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:209
  26. Polypharmacy is defined as the prescription of at least 5 different medicines for therapeutic or prophylactic effect and is a serious issue among elderly patients, who are frequently affected by multi-morbidit...

    Authors: Salvatore Crisafulli, Nicoletta Luxi, Raffaele Coppini, Annalisa Capuano, Cristina Scavone, Alessia Zinzi, Simona Vecchi, Graziano Onder, Janet Sultana and Gianluca Trifirò
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:208
  27. Continuity of care, in particular personal continuity, is a core principle of general practice and is associated with many benefits such as a better patient-provider relationship and lower mortality. However, ...

    Authors: Lex J. J. Groot, Henk J. Schers, Jako S. Burgers, Francois G. Schellevis, Martin Smalbrugge, Annemarie A. Uijen, Peter M. van de Ven, Henriëtte E. van der Horst and Otto R. Maarsingh
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:207
  28. Central sensitization (CS) may explain the persistence of symptoms in patients with chronic pain and persistent physical symptoms (PPS). There is a need for assessing CS in the consultation room. In a recently...

    Authors: Carine den Boer, Berend Terluin, Johannes C. van der Wouden, Annette H. Blankenstein and Henriëtte E. van der Horst
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:206
  29. Singapore’s healthcare system presents an ideal context to learn from diverse public and private operational models and funding systems.

    Authors: Huiling Guo, Zoe Jane-Lara Hildon, Victor Weng Keong Loh, Meena Sundram, Muhamad Alif Bin Ibrahim, Wern Ee Tang and Angela Chow
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:205
  30. Timely detection and management of comorbid mental disorders in people with epilepsy is essential to improve outcomes. The objective of this study was to measure the performance of primary health care (PHC) wo...

    Authors: Ruth Tsigebrhan, Abebaw Fekadu, Girmay Medhin, Charles R. Newton, Martin J. Prince and Charlotte Hanlon
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:204
  31. Rural residents with chronic conditions have a stronger need for health services, which should make using family doctor contract services a priority. This study aimed to evaluate the rate of willingness among ...

    Authors: Jie Li, Jie Li, Peipei Fu, Yan Chen, Xue Tang, Zhixian Li, Shijun Yang, Chen Yan, Wenjuan Li, Zhen Gui and Chengchao Zhou
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:203
  32. The implementation of care concepts fitting the needs of patients with chronic heart failure (HF) remains challenging. In this context, psycho-emotional well-being is not routinely assessed, and under-research...

    Authors: Sigrid Boczor, Marion Eisele, Anja Rakebrandt, Agata Menzel, Eva Blozik, Jens-Martin Träder, Stefan Störk, Christoph Herrmann-Lingen and Martin Scherer
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:202
  33. Shoulder pain is a highly prevalent condition and a significant cause of morbidity and functional disability. Current data suggests that many patients presenting with shoulder pain at the primary care level ar...

    Authors: Breda H. F. Eubank, Sebastian W. Lackey, Mel Slomp, Jason R. Werle, Colleen Kuntze and David M. Sheps
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:201
  34. Adherence to guidelines for back pain continues to be a challenge, prompting strategies focused on improving education around biopsychosocial frameworks.

    Authors: Daniel I. Rhon, Rachel J. Mayhew, Tina A. Greenlee and Julie M. Fritz
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:200
  35. Detecting, treating and monitoring anaemia has a functional, social and economic impact on patients’ quality of life and the health system, since inadequate monitoring can lead to more accident & emergency vis...

    Authors: Boris Trenado Luengo, Rosa García-Sierra, Maria Asunción Wilke Trinxant, Esther Díaz Mondelo, Ramon Miralles Baseda, Maria Magdalena Lladó Blanch, Maria del Pilar Montero Alia and Pere Toran-Monserrat
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:199
  36. The patient-oriented and need-based care of multi-morbid patients with healthcare services and assistive products can be a highly complex task for the general practitioners (GPs). An algorithm-based digital recom...

    Authors: Peggy Borchers, Steve Piller, Mandy Böhme, Karen Voigt and Antje Bergmann
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:198
  37. Osteopathy is a type of complementary medicine based on specific manual techniques. In many countries, including Germany, the profession is not officially regulated, and evidence for the effectiveness of osteo...

    Authors: Gordian L. Schmid, Jeremias Kluge, Tobias Deutsch, Anne-Kathrin Geier, Markus Bleckwenn, Susanne Unverzagt and Thomas Frese
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:197
  38. With increasing interest in direct access to physiotherapy, it is important to consider the physiotherapists (PTs) ability to make correct management decisions, because identification of differential diagnosti...

    Authors: Cecilie Rud Budtz, Helle Rønn-Smidt, Janus Nikolaj Laust Thomsen, Rikke Pilegaard Hansen and David Høyrup Christiansen
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:196
  39. Although general practitioners (GPs) are generally considered as the first point of contact for care, this may be different for persons with complex conditions, such as those with spinal cord injury (SCI). The...

    Authors: Dima Touhami, Mirjam Brach, Stefan Essig, Elias Ronca, Isabelle Debecker, Inge Eriks-Hoogland, Anke Scheel-Sailer, Nadja Münzel and Armin Gemperli
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:195
  40. Poverty has a significant influence on health. Efforts to optimize income and reduce poverty could make a difference to the lives of patients and their families. Routine screening for poverty in primary care i...

    Authors: Kimberly Wintemute, Meh Noor, Aashka Bhatt, Gary Bloch, Suja Arackal, Sumeet Kalia, Babak Aliarzadeh, Sabrina La Tona, Joyce Lo, Andrew D. Pinto and Michelle Greiver
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:194
  41. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven primary healthcare (PHC) providers to use telehealth as an alternative to traditional face-to-face consultations. Providing telehealth that meets the needs of patients in a pan...

    Authors: Mylaine Breton, Erin E. Sullivan, Nadia Deville-Stoetzel, Danielle McKinstry, Matthew DePuccio, Abi Sriharan, Véronique Deslauriers, Anson Dong and Ann Scheck McAlearney
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:192
  42. Chinese residents’ practical work experiences are different from those described in Western studies. To explore potential mechanisms underlying the effects of doctor-patient relationships on medical residents’...

    Authors: Guangwei Deng, Wenjun Cai, Monica Yang, Jonathan Lio, Chenpeng Feng, Xiaopeng Ma and Liang Liang
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:191
  43. General practitioners (GPs) can be considered the designated professionals to identify high fall risk and to guide older people to fall preventive care. Currently it is not exactly known how GPs treat this ris...

    Authors: Wytske M. A. Meekes, Chantal J. Leemrijse, Yvette M. Weesie, Ien A. M. van de Goor, Gé A. Donker and Joke C. Korevaar
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:190
  44. To study the competency of general practitioners (GPs) in Shanghai, China on prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, also understand factors that may prohibit it.

    Authors: Yaling Li, Yunyun Yan, Huimin Dai, Yuan Cheng, Qian Huang, Jie Shao, Jianmin Zhou, Haitang Wang, Pingyang Liu, Ao Shen, Yikai Mi and Zhaohui Du
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:189
  45. Adequate health literacy (HL) levels contribute to good health outcomes and successful disease self-management in patients with chronic disease. Hence, it is essential that family doctors recognize patients wi...

    Authors: Stephanie Stock, Sibel Altin, Farah Nawabi, Daniele Civello, Arim Shukri, Marcus Redaèlli and Adrienne Alayli
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:187
  46. More than 90% of antibiotics are prescribed in primary care, but 50% may be unnecessary. Reducing unnecessary antibiotic overuse is needed to limit antimicrobial resistance. We conducted a pragmatic trial of a...

    Authors: Warren McIsaac, Sahana Kukan, Ella Huszti, Leah Szadkowski, Braden O’Neill, Sophia Virani, Noah Ivers, Rosemarie Lall, Navsheer Toor, Mruna Shah, Ruby Alvi, Aashka Bhatt, Yoshiko Nakamachi and Andrew M. Morris
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2021 22:185

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