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  1. Family doctor service (FDS) is a scheme oriented to improving the access and continuity of primary care in China. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) management is a core component of FDS. However, evidence on the...

    Authors: Feiyue Wang, Yun Wei, Meirong Wang, Zhaolu Pan, Guanghui Jin and Xiaoqin Lu
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:228
  2. To study the factors associated with the intention of primary care professionals (PCPs) to use or not use a referral aid (RA) for selecting an evidence-based smoking cessation intervention (EBSCI).

    Authors: Daniëlle N Zijlstra, Catherine AW Bolman, Jean WM Muris and Hein de Vries
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:227
  3. Easy access to palliative care is one of the basic needs of cancer patients, and this can be achieved by providing such services at the community level. One approach to provide community-based palliative care ...

    Authors: Suzanne Hojjat-Assari, Maryam Rassouli, Vahid Kaveh and Heshmatolah Heydari
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:226
  4. Ukrainian Family Doctors' knowledge and readiness for the implementation of new guidelines recommendations into practice has to be evaluated and taken into consideration, meanwhile they often use the old proto...

    Authors: I. Shushman, A. Kolesnyk, P. Kolesnyk, G. Kuodza, I. Mykyta, S. Bayen and T. Frese
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:225
  5. Health literacy is defined as a person's ability to find, understand, and use health-related information when making health-related decisions. Patients with lower health literacy more frequently face difficult...

    Authors: Kristina Šulinskaitė, Daiva Zagurskienė and Aurelija Blaževičienė
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:223
  6. Assessment tools are commonly used in different fields of health to assist in the diagnosis, the evaluation of the response to treatment, the measurement of quality of life and the establishment of the prognosis.

    Authors: Camila Fernandes Pollo, Silmara Meneguin, Hélio Amante Miot and César de Oliveira
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:222
  7. In recent years, healthcare has faced many different crises around the world such as HIV-, Ebola- or H1N1-outbrakes, opioid addiction, natural disasters and terrorism attacks). In particular, the current pande...

    Authors: Nicola Litke, Aline Weis, Jan Koetsenruijter, Valeska Fehrer, Martina Koeppen, Stephanie Kuemmel, Joachim Szecsenyi and Michel Wensing
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:221
  8. Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and coronary artery disease (CAD) are chronic illnesses where adherence to a healthy lifestyle is crucial. If organisational and cultural factors are well managed, Peer support programs (...

    Authors: K. Majjouti, L. Küppers, A. Thielmann, M. Redaélli, F. Vitinius, C. Funke, I. van der Arend, L. Pilic, M. Hessbrügge, S. Stock, B. Weltermann and D. Wild
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:220
  9. Several methods are used for hearing loss screening; however, their benefits are uncertain. In this study, we aimed to determine the predictive factors of acute sensorineural hearing loss for clinical applicat...

    Authors: Toru Miwa, Tomoya Yamaguchi, Shin-ichiro Kita, Kazuto Osaka, Rie Kanai, Toshiki Maetani and Shin-ichi Kanemaru
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:219
  10. Work-life balance (WLB) is associated with a variety of health-related outcomes in the general population. Since General Practitioners (GPs) play a fundamental role in the health system, we wanted to analyze t...

    Authors: Erik Bodendieck, Franziska U. Jung, Ines Conrad, Steffi G. Riedel-Heller and Felix S. Hussenoeder
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:218
  11. General practice is a generalist discipline fraught with complexity. For inexperienced physicians, it may be demanding to get to grips with the clinical challenges. The purpose of this article is to describe p...

    Authors: Tor Magne Johnsen, Børge Lønnebakke Norberg, Frode Helgetun Krogh, Hanne Dahl Vonen, Linn Okkenhaug Getz and Bjarne Austad
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:216
  12. In 2018, the concept of clusters was introduced as a new model for data-driven quality improvement in general practice in Denmark. However, there is little research on the development and implementation of gen...

    Authors: Marius Brostrøm Kousgaard, Thorbjørn Hougaard Mikkelsen, Maria Bundgaard, Marie Henriette Madsen, Morten Bonde Klausen, Mads Toft Kristensen, Pia Kürstein Kjellberg and Jens Søndergaard
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:215
  13. To assess baseline characteristics, drug utilisation and healthcare use for oral anticoagulants (OACs) following the introduction of non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants among patients with atrial fibr...

    Authors: Sigrun Halvorsen, Jørgen Anton Smith, Fabian Söderdahl, Marcus Thuresson, Oddvar Solli, Maria Ulvestad and Christian Jonasson
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:214
  14. Patient numbers in emergency departments are on the rise. The DEMAND intervention aims to improve the efficacy of emergency services by computer-assisted structured initial assessment assigning patients to eme...

    Authors: Ingmar Schäfer, Agata Menzel, Tobias Herrmann, Jan Hendrik Oltrogge, Dagmar Lühmann and Martin Scherer
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:213
  15. Primary health care system plays a central role in caring for persons with diabetes. Thai National Health Examination Survey (NHES) reports that only 40% of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) achiev...

    Authors: Thanapat Puangpet, Tanyaporn Pongkunakorn, Nahathai Chulkarat, Chutikan Bunlangjit, Apinya Surawit, Bonggochpass Pinsawas, Pichanun Mongkolsucharitkul and Korapat Mayurasakorn
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:212
  16. In Germany, 19.1% of boys and 14.5% of girls are affected by mental health problems (MHP). Paediatricians are usually the first in line to be contacted but they often do not feel adequately trained to diagnose...

    Authors: Siona Decke, Karina Hamacher, Martin Lang, Otto Laub, Lars Schwettmann, Ralf Strobl and Eva Grill
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:211
  17. Dabigatran is a direct thrombin inhibitor used to treat cardiac arrhythmias, and rates of non-adherence to dabigatran in Polish populations are high. The current study examined how a pharmacist-led interventio...

    Authors: Piotr Merks, Jameason D. Cameron, Marcin Balcerzak, Urszula Religioni, Damian Świeczkowski, Mikołaj Konstanty, Dagmara Hering, Filip M. Szymański, Milosz Jaguszewski and Régis Vaillancourt
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:210
  18. The high prevalence of diabetes and the importance of long-term follow-up of these patients encourage finding an inexpensive and applicable educational method to control the disease. Distance education based o...

    Authors: Hourvash Haghighinejad, Leila Liaghat, Fatemeh Malekpour, Peyman Jafari, Kaveh Taghipour, Mehrdad Rezaie, Parisa Jooya, Hamidreza Ghazipoor and Mani Ramzi
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:209
  19. Obesity is a chronic disease with increasing prevalence. We aimed to explore primary care physicians’ knowledge and attitudes about obesity and how knowledge and attitudes are associated with confidence and a...

    Authors: Daniel Carrasco, Hans Thulesius, Ulf Jakobsson and Ensieh Memarian
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:208
  20. Most adults fail to achieve remission from common mental health conditions based on pharmacological treatment in primary care alone. There is no data synthesising the reasons. This review addresses this gap th...

    Authors: Amelia Talbot, Charlotte Lee, Sara Ryan, Nia Roberts, Kamal R. Mahtani and Charlotte Albury
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:207
  21. Depression is a major public health concern, which is most pronounced in population segments with a lower social-economic status (SES). E-health interventions for depressive complaints are proven to be effecti...

    Authors: Stephanie S. Leone, Odile Smeets, Suzanne Lokman, Brigitte Boon, Agnes van der Poel, Tessa Van Doesum, Laura Shields-Zeeman, Jeannet Kramer and Filip Smit
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:205
  22. Urinary tract infections are among the most common reason for encounter and subsequent antibiotic prescriptions. Due to the risk of collateral damage and increasing resistance rates, explicit recommendations a...

    Authors: Guido Schmiemann, Falk Hoffmann, Axel Hamprecht and Kathrin Jobski
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:204
  23. Primary care is a relevant pillar in managing not only individual, but also societal medical crises. The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded a rapid response from primary care with interventions in the health care ...

    Authors: Sandra Stengel, Catharina Roth, Amanda Breckner, Lara Cordes, Sophia Weber, Charlotte Ullrich, Frank Peters-Klimm and Michel Wensing
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:203
  24. People with poorly managed diabetes are at greater risk of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease that is not effectively managed can affect glycaemic levels. Diabetes care providers, including general pract...

    Authors: Ajesh George, Prakash Poudel, Ariana Kong, Amy Villarosa, Hanny Calache, Amit Arora, Rhonda Griffiths, Vincent W. Wong, Mark Gussy, Rachel E. Martin and Phyllis Lau
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:202
  25. Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common reasons for primary care visits and is the leading contributor to years lived with disability worldwide. The purpose of this study was to understand the perspectiv...

    Authors: Kyle Vader, Catherine Donnelly, Simon D. French, Colleen Grady, Jonathan C. Hill, Dean A. Tripp, Ashley Williams and Jordan Miller
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:201
  26. The organization of healthcare systems changed significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact on the use of primary care during various key periods in 2020 has been little studied.

    Authors: Philippe Tuppin, Thomas Lesuffleur, Panayotis Constantinou, Alice Atramont, Carole Coatsaliou, Emilie Ferrat, Florence Canouï-Poitrine, Gonzague Debeugny and Antoine Rachas
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:200
  27. Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS) is a rare autoimmune disease that is difficult to diagnose due to a variety of clinical presentations, resulting in misdiagnosis and late referral to specialists. To improve ea...

    Authors: Jesper T. Dros, Isabelle Bos, Frank C. Bennis, Sytske Wiegersma, John Paget, Chiara Seghieri, Jaime Barrio Cortés and Robert A. Verheij
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:199
  28. In previous studies, we investigated the effects of a care manager intervention for patients with depression treated in primary health care. At 6 months, care management improved depressive symptoms, remission...

    Authors: Sandra af Winklerfelt Hammarberg, Cecilia Björkelund, Shabnam Nejati, Maria Magnil, Dominique Hange, Irene Svenningsson, Eva-Lisa Petersson, Malin André, Camilla Udo, Nashmil Ariai, Lars Wallin, Carl Wikberg and Jeanette Westman
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:198
  29. Acute histoplasmosis is a rare fungal disease in China. This study is aimed to summarize the clinical characteristics of the first large-scale outbreak of imported acute histoplasmosis in Chinese, so as to pro...

    Authors: Yin-yin Peng, Shu-liang Guo, Xiao-feng Yan, Lv-lang Zhang, Jing Wang, Guo-dan Yuan, Gang Qing, Lu-lu Xu and Qian Zhan
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:197
  30. Diabetes is a progressive condition requiring long-term medical care and self-management. The ineffective transition from hospital to community or home health care may result in poor glycemic control and incre...

    Authors: Wenhui Zhang, Pei Yang, Hongyan Wang, Xinxin Pan and Yanmei Wang
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:196
  31. Chronotype and chrononutrition, both are emerging research interests in nutritional epidemiology. However, its association with glycemic control in the Asia population is less clear. A better understanding of ...

    Authors: Guey Yong Chong, Satvinder Kaur, Ruzita Abd Talib, See Ling Loy, Hui Yin Tan, Sarjit Singh Harjit Singh, Rosmiza Binti Abdullah, Hanisah Binti Mahmud, Woan Yie Siah and Hui Chin Koo
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:193
  32. Primary healthcare in Norway has first-line responsibility for medical emergencies, including traumas and fractures. Normally, patients with suspected fractures are referred to specialist care. However, some m...

    Authors: Stein Vabo, Knut Steen, Christina Brudvik, Steinar Hunskaar and Tone Morken
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:191
  33. We conducted an integrative review in an attempt to methodically and systematically understand the individual (personal factors) that influence National Health Insurance Scheme [NHIS] enrolment among older adu...

    Authors: Anthony Kwame Morgan, Dina Adei, Williams Agyemang-Duah and Anthony Acquah Mensah
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:190
  34. Authors: Phichayut Phinyo, Titinat Maihom, Areerak Phanphaisarn, Pakorn Kerdsinchai, Ekarat Rattarittamrong, Jayanton Patumanond and Dumnoensun Pruksakorn
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:189

    The original article was published in BMC Family Practice 2020 21:215

  35. Unnecessary antibiotic use is associated with adverse side effects and rising rates of resistance at the individual and population level. This study used a theory-informed approach to identify potentially modi...

    Authors: Michelle Simeoni, Marianne Saragosa, Celia Laur, Laura Desveaux, Kevin Schwartz and Noah Ivers
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:188
  36. Vulnerable pregnant women, defined as women threatened by social, psychological, or physical risk factors, need special support during pregnancy to prevent complications in pregnancy, birth, and childhood. Pro...

    Authors: L. Brygger Venø, L. B. Pedersen, J. Søndergaard, R. K. Ertmann and D. E. Jarbøl
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:187
  37. Currently, population aging has been an obstacle and the spotlight for all countries. Compared with developed countries, problems caused by China’s aging population are more prominent. Beijing, as a typical ex...

    Authors: Ruyi Zhang, Zhiying Zhang, Yingchun Peng, Shaoqi Zhai, Jiaojiao Zhou and Jingjing Chen
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:186
  38. Taking care of patients with Covid-19 is regarded as a challenging task for family caregivers. Hence, a Family-Centered Empowerment Model (FCEM) should help them achieve greater psychological strength througho...

    Authors: Mohammad Namazi Nia, Samira Mohajer, Nasser Bagheri and Tahere Sarboozi-hoseinabadi
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:185
  39. Opportunistic recruitment in primary care is challenging due to the inherent unpredictability of incident conditions, and workload and time pressures. Many clinical trials do not recruit to target, leading to ...

    Authors: Oghenekome A. Gbinigie, Anne-Marie Boylan, Christopher C. Butler, Carl J. Heneghan and Sarah Tonkin-Crine
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:184
  40. Palliative patients have to cope with their disease and impending death. Knowing what this means for a patient is crucial for person-centred care. Although guidelines state it is a GP core task to explore exis...

    Authors: Sara T. Busser, Jeanne Rens, Bregje Thoonsen, Yvonne Engels and Anne B. Wichmann
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:182
  41. It seems that caregivers (CGs) may be a reliable source of information for determining health condition of seniors. This might be important for general practitioners (GPs) and facilitate them conducting compre...

    Authors: Anna Pachołek, Karolina Piotrowicz, Jerzy Gąsowski and Tomasz Tomasik
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:181
  42. Safety netting in primary care is considered an important intervention for managing diagnostic uncertainty. This is the first study to examine how patients understand and interpret safety netting advice around...

    Authors: Georgia B. Black, Sandra van Os, Cristina Renzi, Fiona M. Walter, Willie Hamilton and Katriina L. Whitaker
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:179

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Primary Care 2022 23:195

  43. Family physicians’ diagnostic gut feelings have proved to be valuable. But what about patients’ gut feelings? Research has shown that patients’ gut feelings may contribute to their physicians’ clinical reasoni...

    Authors: C. F. Stolper, M. W. J. van de Wiel, M. A. van Bokhoven, G. J. Dinant and P. Van Royen
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:178
  44. To improve the management of childhood urinary tract infections, it is essential to understand the incidence rates, testing and treatment strategy.

    Authors: Hanne A. Boon, Thomas Struyf, Jonas Crèvecoeur, Nicolas Delvaux, Gijs Van Pottelbergh, Bert Vaes, Ann Van den Bruel and Jan Y. Verbakel
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2022 23:177

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