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Table 1 The most commonly dispensed medication in the same therapeutic class

From: Drugs utilization profile in England and Wales in the past 15 years: a secular trend analysis

BNF chapter code Therapeutic class The most commonly dispensed medication in the same therapeutic class Percentage from total number of prescriptions in the same therapeutic class
01 Gastro-intestinal system medications Antisecretory drugs and mucosal protectants 60.3%
02 Cardiovascular system medications Hypertension and heart failure medications 21.8%
03 Respiratory system medications Bronchodilators medications 45.3%
04 Central nervous system medications Analgesics 35.4%
05 Infections medications Antibacterial drugs 85.8%
06 Endocrine system medications Drugs used in diabetes 46.5%
07 Obstetrics, gynaecology, and urinary-tract disorders medications Drugs for genito-urinary disorders 54.3%
08 Malignant disease and immunosuppression medications Sex hormones and hormone antagonists in malignant disease 61.8%
09 Nutrition and blood-related products Vitamins 44.7%
10 Musculoskeletal and joint diseases medications Drugs used in rheumatic diseases and gout 76.0%
11 Eye medications Treatment of glaucoma 41.8%
12 Ear, nose, and oropharynx medications Drugs acting on the nose 63.2%
13 Skin medications Emollient and barrier preparations 37.0%
14 Immunological products and vaccines Vaccines and antisera 100.0%
15 Anaesthesia Local anaesthesia medications 86.8%