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Table 2 Content of the top three aspects emerging from the qualitative analysis and text mining

From: Using social media data in diabetes care: bridging the conceptual gap between health providers and the network population

Aspect Qualitative Analysis Text Mining Summarya
Content of Topics of Heated Discussion Word Cloud Word Association Analysis Cluster Analysis
Diet Total Amount of Discussion 6487 1. Seeking help from folk remedies/Chinese herbal medicine to control blood sugar levels
2. Using special diet therapies to improve dietary choices and stabilize blood sugar
3. When the effects of western medicine are limited, people will seek help from Chinese herbalist doctors
The Word Cloud showed words and frequencies, such as: Chinese herbalist doctor (522), nutrition (250), fat (217) and weight reduction (151), indicating that the public may frequently mention Chinese herbalist doctors, diet -related nutrition issues, and obesity problems From the associations between words, was discovered that the public want to try the Ketogenic Diet. When a Chinese herbalist doctor is mentioned, the prescriptions, therapeutic effects, and how to enhance the sexual function (dysfunction) may also be the major concern among the public From the two major clusters in terms of diet, it was found that the public may care about how their diet can be combined with medications to help control blood sugar levels, and they want to understand the nutritional value of food to help stabilize their blood sugar levels People are more concerned about types of diets, nutritional values, and Chinese herbal medicine, and they mainly hope that they can obtain relevant information to improve their condition
Life Adjustment Total Amount of Discussion 4140 1. If a diabetic patient is emotionally unstable, his/her family members will also be affected
2. Medical expenses to treat diabetes are a huge burden on a nuclear family
3. When choosing a blood sugar meter, people often focus on how the blood sugar meter can reduce pain and minimize sounds
The Word Cloud showed words and frequencies, such as: sex (2915), pressure (2263), illness (2000), control (1476) and lesion (584), indicating that the public frequently mentions problems about sex, blood sugar control, and many other illnesses that may be associated with life pressure Words related to sex may show the trouble faced by this population, such as sexual dysfunction. Pressure is highly correlated to words like obesity or fat. This might well indicate the concerns of the public about obesity From the three major Life Adjustment aspects, it was found that the public may suffer pressure from problems caused by complications of diabetes and obesity, and they may need to inquire about blood sugar control methods suggested by physicians The major sources of life pressure among the public may arise from sexual dysfunction caused by diabetes and weight reduction related to obesity
Avoiding Complications Total Amount of Discussion 3121 1. Concern about complications of diabetes and other issues, such as sexual dysfunction, caused by diabetes
2. Concern about whether there are stroke symptoms or not and the headaches caused by the differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures in summer
3. Concerned about diabetic nephropathy due to long-term use of blood pressure-lowering medicine
4. Misunderstandings about complications have caused serious diabetic retinopathy among patients with diabetes
The Word Cloud showed words and frequencies, such as: sex (18,220), dysfunction (950), central nerve (603), erection (538), kidney (156), nerve (136), and heart disease (125), indicating that the public frequently mentions words related to sex and problems about the nervous system, kidney, and cardiovascular disease Males are highly correlated to words like sex, sex function and dysfunction, which may well reflect the concern of the public about sexual dysfunction caused by diabetes. Meanwhile, combinations of highly associated words, such as kidney + deficiency or stroke + dementia, may also indicate problems encountered by the public From the three major clusters of complications, it was found that the public may suffer mental pressure from issues specific to men. Meanwhile, sexual dysfunction is clearly of great concern, and people are very concerned about lesions in their bodies This population is mostly concerned about sexual dysfunction, diabetic nephropathy, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke
  1. aSummary: A summarized form the four approaches