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Table 1 Characteristics of family physicians recruited into the study including data from the IQVIA database and self-report

From: Coping with ‘the grey area’ of antibiotic prescribing: a theory-informed qualitative study exploring family physician perspectives on antibiotic prescribing

Demographics Interviews n
# of Participants 20
 Female 7
 Male 13
Years in Practice
 > 10 years since graduation 11
 25 + years since graduation 9
 High (top 20th percentile) 10
 Medium (40-60th percentile) 8
 Low (bottom 39th percentile) 1
 Unknown 1
 Urban 19
 Rural 1
Primary Care Practice Settingsb
bWalk-in clinic 12
bLong-term Care 2
bEmergency Department 2
 Continuity primary care clinics 20
  1. a Due to interviewer recruitment blinding, one participant is a low prescriber, and one participant is unknown
  2. b Self-reported; 15 physicians discussed working in more than one practice setting