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Table 1 Interview topics

From: Experiences and expectation with the use of health data: a qualitative interview study in primary care

1. What do you think about questionnaires filled by the patients? By that we mean the questionnaire in which the person describes their medical issues independently prior to going to the doctor or the nurse.
2. What do you consider advantages regarding patient questionnaires?
3. What do you consider disadvantages regarding patient questionnaires?
4. Have you ever wished to present a paper, e.g. a blood pressure or nutrition diary, to your doctor or nurse? If so, how have you delivered it to them? Do you know how the paper was dealt with afterwards? OR Have your patients wanted to present you his/her blood pressure or nutrition diary or any questionnaire? If so, how have they delivered it to you?
5. What do you consider to be the best way to fill a patient questionnaire/diary? If needed, specify whether online or on paper, independently or with a doctor/nurse.
6. What do you think of the option of the patient questionnaire/diary being fillable on the Internet prior to the visit, e.g. through the patient portal?
7. What do you think about the option of getting instant feedback on further action after filling the questionnaire?
8. Do you think that patient questionnaires/diaries help you save time and/or money? If needed, specify the explanation and to whom the time and money belongs.
9. What is your opinion on medical documents on the whole, what should they be like? If needed, specify: the comprehensibility, safety, accessibility, practicality/usefulness of the documents.
10. Have you yourself read any of the health records regarding your doctor’s visits or investigation results through the patient portal? If so, was it easy to find and understand the document? If you have not, then what has prevented it (have not been to the doctor, have not been informed about it, did not find it, or other)? OR Do you use the health records in the central health information system during your clinical work? What do you think of the system in general?
11. Would you like to add anything else?