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Table 1 Facilitator guide used in focus group discussions and in-depth interviews

From: Implementing a community-based shared care breast cancer survivorship model in Singapore: a qualitative study among primary care practitioners

Section Questions
Background survey on current practice Can you share with us some of your experience(s) with cancer survivors?
Discuss the perceived barriers of the proposed shared care model What are some of the barrier(s) that you can foresee with this shared care model – patient related, physician related, and health care system related?
Gather feedback on the Survivorship Care Plan (SCP) to facilitate communications planning What information should be included in the SCP?
Explore some of the motivations for participation in the shared care model What are some of your motivation(s) to participate in this shared care model?
Relationship with stakeholders Who do you think are or should be stakeholders in this shared care model, and possible barrier(s) that affect communication and seamless coordination and transition of care?
Community resources Who are the community resources available and whom we can engage/ refer for effective shared care?