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Table 1 Questions in the interview guidelines

From: Self-management perspectives of elderly patients with multimorbidity and practitioners - status, challenges and further support needed?

Questions for patients Questions for practitioners
Current status - Perception of self-management
a. How do you get involved in decisions around your diseases/health? a. How do patients get involved in decisions about their diseases/health?
b. What do you do to improve/maintain your health (at home)? b. How do patients manage their multiple conditions from your perspective?
Current status – Self-management Support
d1. How does your primary care practice support you regarding self-management of your diseases? d. How do you support patients with multimorbidity in your practice?
d2. How does your primary care practice motivate you to do improve/maintain your health? b1. How do you motivate patients for self-management?
b2. How do you motivate patients to participate in patient training programmes?
c. What disease is most stressful to you? Do you also get more involved within this disease? c. How do you think patients perceive their disease? Is one disease in the foreground?
What problems do/did you face in the context of your disease? Is there anything that would make it easier for you to cope with your situation? Which problems do patients with multimorbidity often have to handle?
Further support
e. What further support would you like to receive regarding self-management of your chronic conditions? e. Which further support possibilities for people with multimorbidity do you know? Which support do you would wish for your patients?
f. Is there anything else concerning your self-management you want to tell me? f. Is there anything else concerning the self-management of patients with multimorbidity you want to tell me?