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Table 2 Theme analysis for role expectation

From: What role conceptions do multi-healthcare professionals have of physicians and what role expectation do they have of physicians in a community?

Theme Sub-theme Example of text
Flat organization Smooth coordination/referral between physicians K care manager said, “In the early stages, it’s all right just to see patients in ordinary clinics but when specialist treatment becomes necessary, we’d like physicians to make referrals to other physicians.”
Transitional support in the healthcare frontline (Transition) L MSW said, “If physicians can give specific advice, I think families would find it easier to accept when I talk to them. For example, in caregiving, if physicians can tell them that in such a situation, they could still cope at home using a particular method, or that there is this good way of doing things, and so on.”
M care manager said, “When patients move to new hospitals, there are some things that care managers cannot explain, such as things related to our role in the new hospital or coordination with the patient’s attending physician, so we would like physicians to give a medical briefing to the staff at the new hospital at the time the patient is transferred. There are patients who don’t fully understand that there are changes in roles.”
Support that connects to healthcare (Connect) N care manager said, “If physicians can become part of the healthcare team in the case of patients who cannot connect to welfare services or healthcare due to refusal, and if they can then connect them to healthcare, would it be one form of support?”
Bio-Psycho-Social Model Attitude of treating patients as individual persons O care manager said, “I’d like to see physicians adopt the role of not just dealing with the disease but of adding enjoyment or meaning to patients’ lives. Often patients are asked only about their illness when visiting hospitals, but it would be good if they could also be asked about what gives them purpose in life or about their daily activities.”
Explanation from someone of authority in medical science P care manager said, “I’d like to see physicians say things more sternly to patients (even those with psycho-social issues) when necessary. This will enable co-medicals to give them support in their daily lives.
Explanation about diseases that affect their daily lives and about the paths to recovery Q MSW said, “In particular, physicians should teach patients or family how to conduct rehabilitation and take care of the patient at home. I think families will easily accept such teaching by physicians and commit to do them at home.”
Personal Character Open mind R pharmacist said, “There are 13 or 14 drugs that are similar – as specialists on medicines, we can explain these things, (…) so we really want physicians to listen to our advice.”
Approachableness S care manager said, “We understand that physicians are busy but we’d be glad if they could be easily accessible for consultation either by phone or fax.”