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Table 2 Elements of their clinical performance that exemplary physicians report as rewarding

From: Medical resilience and morality: a survey study on the opinions and actions of exemplary family physicians

Main category Subcategory Example(s)
1) Service/Help 25% (37) To patients
To colleagues
To trainees
“Being helpful to patients, residents, students and sometimes even co-workers.”
2) Doctor-patient relationship 18% (27) With patients
With colleagues
With trainees
“I love dealing with patients and the good therapeutic and personal relationships I have established over the years”;
“The trust that is established makes it possible to maintain a relationship that goes beyond mere healthcare.”
3) Knowledge and excellence seeking 12% (18)   “Constant learning with each problem.”
4) Speciality Characteristics and Focus on the Person 8% (12) Comprehensive care of an individual
Healing vs. curing
“Family medicine is about caring for people, and that’s why it’s the nicest by far”;
“Helping to improve people’s quality of life and supporting them even though we don’t cure them most of the time”;
“Polyvalence: not knowing what is going to come through the door and the possibility of developing very different skills to deal with the various health problems”;
“I make health care universal.”
5) Collaboration/Teamwork 7.4% (11)   “I am enriched through the experiences that my colleagues share.”
6) Self-fulfilment/Meaning 6.7% (10)   “I see meaning in what I do, even if we don’t cure people”;
“It allows me to fulfil myself personally and professionally.”
7) Happiness 6.7% (10)   “I simply enjoy what I do and I can’t tell you why.”
8) Teaching 6% (9)   “I enjoy teaching my residents.”
9) Sense of effectiveness 4% (6)   “It’s the feeling of a job well done”;
“I enjoy ‘good’ activity, a well done Medical History, for example. I could go on, with many things we do well every day.”
10) Other 6% (9) Recognition
Material aspects
Applying specific techniques
Physical environment
“I feel useful to society because I feel the recognition of my colleagues, the recognition of society and because I feel that the institution where I work understands my problems”;
“I find certain procedures stimulating, like ultrasounds, dermatoscopy, and so on”;
“It gives me enough money to have a good quality of life”