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Table 1 Topic guide

From: How practice setting affects family physicians’ views on genetic screening: a qualitative study

Key Questions Probes
Attitudes and perception
1. What do you understand about GSa? How relevant is GS to your patient population?
• How have you learned about GS?
• How prepared are you to counsel patients or discuss GS? (If unprepared, explain why not)
2. What is a typical day in your clinic? What guides you to screen patients in your practice?
• What GS have you recommended?
• (If with experience) Please share your patient experience with GS
Adoption in clinical practice
3. What challenges do you face, or anticipate facing, with adopting GS in your clinical practice?
• What do you think would motivate you to prepare for these challenges?
• What are the pros/cons of GS for you and your patients?
Informational and infrastructural needs
4. How would you like to be supported when using/adopting GS in your clinical practice?
• What information about GS would be helpful?
• How would you like to learn more about GS?
  1. aGS Genetic screening