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Table 1 MeSH terms used for primary searching in PubMed

From: Contemporary treatment of anxiety in primary care: a systematic review and meta-analysis of outcomes in countries with universal healthcare

Topic MeSH terms
Anxiety “Anxiety Disorders” OR “Anxiety”
Primary Care “Primary Health Care” OR “Physicians, Primary Care” OR “General Practice” OR “General Practitioners” OR “Physicians, Family” OR “Primary Care Nursing” OR “Family Nursing” OR “Nurses, Community Health” OR “Nurse Practitioners” OR “Nurse Clinicians”
Treatment (general) “Outcome Assessment (Health Care)”
Treatment (psychological) “Psychotherapy” OR “Counseling” OR “Relaxation”
Treatment (pharmacological) “Drug Therapy” OR “Psychotropic Drugs” OR “Adrenergic beta-Antagonists”