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Table 3 Methodological quality of qualitative studies

From: Can social capital play a role in contracting services of family doctors in China? Reflections based on an integrative review

Study 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Scores
E. Gage-Bouchard, [15] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unclear Yes Yes Clear 9/10
  1. Keys: “1. Is there a clear statement of the purpose of the study?; 2. Whether the qualitative method is appropriate?; 3. Whether the research design is suitable for the research purpose?; 4. Whether the recruitment strategy is suitable for the purpose of research?; 5. Can data collection methods solve research problems?; 6. Whether the relationship between researchers and participants is fully considered?; 7. Whether moral issues are taken into consideration?; 8. Is data analysis rigorous enough?; 9. Whether there are clear findings?; 10. How valuable is this research?”