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Table 1 Description of activities implemented at the PHCCs

From: Strengthened workplace relationships facilitate recovery at work – qualitative experiences of an intervention among employees in primary health care

Recovery activities done individually or together with co-workers Recovery activities together with the whole employee group
Deep breathing exercises Recovery reminders in the form of coloured stickers around the centre
Relaxation exercises Monthly recovery reflection
Stretching exercises Notice board with positive messages
Access to relaxation room Team building activities
Interprofessional reflection group meetings Morning meetings
Access to gym Organized after-work activities
Lunch break walks Joint physical activity exercises
Mail with mindfulness exercises Concept discussions (e.g. manageability, influence, companionship, feedback)
Brief positive messages on toilet door Weekly positivity letter from manager
  Mindfulness sessions
  Joint breakfasts
  Workplace development day
  Changes in the physical environment
  Management team
  Music in the break room
  Suggestion box for recovery ideas
  Reflection sessions
  Breakroom as a work-free zone
  Step counter contests
  Medical yoga therapy
  Basic body awareness therapy