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Table 2 Contingency table broken down into satisfaction items with support from general practitioners; columns only contain completely agree or somewhere agree answer categories

From: Support, needs and expectations of family caregivers regarding general practitioners – results from an online survey

   The general practitioner I consult in care matters... (N = 438)
   … sees not only the needs of the person in my care but also my opinions, needs and stresses. … tells me about local support and assistance services. … is early to acknowledge me as the caregiver with the awareness that I am responsible for my family member’s care from the beginning.
How would you rate the support that your GP has given you in caring for your family member? Very good/
Mostly good
69%** 76%** 59%**
Mostly not so good/
Not good at all
44%** 21%** 11%**
  1. Significance: **p < .001