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Table 1 Results of the alpha-testing phase and 2nd steering group

From: Construction of a patient decision aid for the treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infection in primary care

SUNDAE Check-list Alpha-testing Results Steering group
Participants (FG + II) Physicians (II) Changes made
Explicit description of the decision ✗ Reformulate the title in interrogative form
No need to specify the revocable nature of the decision and the possibility of re-consultation, which must be clarified orally by the doctor
  Modified title
Polarized distribution of information according to the decision
Description of the health problem ✗ Need for a clearer definition of uUTI
✗ Diagram of bladder not very useful and difficult to identify
Validation of symptoms description Improved definition of uUTI, addition of the term inflammation
Removed the bladder diagram
Information on options, their benefits, risks, and consequences Overall positive to help in decision-making
Layout validation
✗ Improving the visibility of adverse events and their link to antibiotics
✗ Term “several weeks” not precise enough
Suitable information
Information on the risk of pyelonephritis is relevant because it is not well known
Interest of the precision on the absence of risk on fertility
✗ Provide information on alternative treatments to antibiotics
✗ Improve the reading of information by changing the formatting of the text
Adjusting for recurrence, complication, and adverse event rates using data from the literature
Improved description of adverse reactions
Clarification on the low level of evidence for alternative treatments (cranberry, hydration)
Improved, more spacious page layout
Numerical probabilities Validation of the pictograms
Good understanding of adverse reaction data
Validation of the pictograms Adjustment using data from the literature
Addition of bibliographical references
Adding the PtDA update date
Clarification of values (implicit and explicit) Validation of the values explored
Validation of the concept of slider left blank but needs to be explained
  Legend for the blank slider
Guidance in deliberation ✗ Add a color gradient to the sliders, and don’t put the slider in the center by default
Slider format and polarization validation
✗ Non-contributing final slider
✗ Make it clear that the patient’s decision is made orally with her doctor
✗ Coloring the sliders Changing the slider graphics
Final slider replaced by a sentence encouraging deliberation with the doctor
Guidance in communication ✗ Reading of the PtDA to be accompanied by the doctor ✗ Fear of a difficulty of use due to lack of time, in particular with the sliders Elements to be included in training to use the PtDA
Reading and comprehension level Understandable slider terms
✗ Prefer the term “drinking water” to “hydration”
  Clarification of the definition of resistance
Replacing the term hydration
Other ✗ Enhance contrast, favor a uniform background
Pink color validation
✗ Enhance contrast Improved contrast
  1. ✗ elements to improve elements validated FG focus group, II Individual interview.