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Table 3 Teamwork and Collaboration

From: Interprofessional primary care during COVID-19: a survey of the provider perspective


Frequency (%)

Question #32: What is your experience working in primary care during COVID-19

Impact on Collaboration (n = 385)

 Less collaboration

129 (33.5)

“We generally have frequent team meetings or connect with each other informally, which has not been happening nearly as much.”

 Same amount of collaboration

70 (18.2)

“Routine check in and encouragement are crucial for the morale of the team.”

 More collaboration

186 (48.3)

“It has solidified the team as a whole.”

How are you collaborating with your team?

 By phone

302 (19.8)

“We had a lot of support with daily team phone calls as we all got started and figured things out.”

 By video

258 (16.9)

“We have greatly reduced team meetings which are now over video.”

 By email

311 (20.4)

“I receive some email updates but not a lot.”

 By text messaging

187 (12.2)


 In-person in clinic

108 (7.1)


 Through EMR communications

322 (21.1)


 Social media

20 (1.3)



20 (1.3)