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Table 3 ‘Schedule B’ Measures of PCN Performance (source: Auditor General Report, 2017)

From: An implementation history of primary health care transformation: Alberta’s primary care networks and the people, time and culture of change

PHC System Outcome PCN Level Performance Indicator
All Albertans have a ‘health home’
1. Percentage of patients going to a different provider or different clinic for a subsequent visit.
Albertans have timely access to a primary health care team.
2. Percentage of physicians measuring Time to Third Next Available Appointment (progress measure for actual mean time to TNA).
Clinical and social supports are brought together to promote wellness, provide quality care based on proven courses of action, and effectively manage chronic disease.
3. Average of patient responses to the question “Overall, how would you rate the care you received in your visit today?”
4. Percentage of compliance of physicians in screening or offering screening to their panel of patients, as described in a menu of screens recommended by Alberta Screening and Prevention Initiative (ASaP).
Self-management of Care
Albertans are involved in their care and have the supports needed to improve and manage their health.
5. Percentage of patients with a chronic condition who were offered self-management supports during the fiscal year.
Health Status and Care Experience
Albertans are as healthy as they can be, have better health overall, and report positive experiences with primary health care.
6. Percentage of patients with a chronic condition who report maintaining or improving quality of life as measured by the EQ-5D Health Questionnaire during the fiscal year.
Provider Engagement and Satisfaction
Providers satisfied and happy with their work lives and able to provide quality care.
7. Percentage of identified team members responding to a team effectiveness survey.
Leadership and Governance
PCN leadership and governance is effective.
8. PCN board completion of all three components of self-assessment during the fiscal year:
• self-assessment of the PCN board as a whole
• self-assessment of individual PCN board members
• performance improvement plan
9. PCN board assessment of the performance of the PCN administrative lead and all other staff members reporting directly to the board for the prior fiscal year.