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Table 2 Main suggestions presented at the workshops

From: Development and evaluation of an online education tool on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for general practitioners: the important contribution of co-production

Suggestions from the workshops
 Making two short online resources, one specific to ADHD (Symptoms, epidemiology…) and one specific to the GPs role in diagnosis and treatment
 Including information on the benefits of diagnosis, what can happen without treatment (information on prison statistics, substance abuse, suicidality...)
 Shorter videos of patients focusing on symptoms
 Adding expert videos on symptomatology and secondary care pathways. What happens after a referral
 Separating clearly child and adult pathways, having a child specific module and an adult specific module
 Adding an assessment at the end in the form of a multiple choice questionnaire
 Including information on comorbidities in the form of a diagram
 Including information on ADHD at different ages
 Adding access to resources for management and for patients’ information (Parenting websites, ADHD support groups, charities…)
 Comprehensive information on treatments
 What is the role of the GP?
 Drag and drop activities on myth versus facts
 Including an example of a consultation
 Information on local pathways