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Table 1 Characteristics of Study Participants (n = 21)

From: Disconnected relationships between primary care and community-based health and social services and system navigation for older adults: a qualitative descriptive study

Participants (n = 21)
 Primary Care Providers12
 CBHSS Providers9
Location of Primary Care Providers (n = 12)
 Clinic Site 15
 Clinic Site 27
Primary Care Service Providers’ Discipline (n = 12)
 Nurse Practitioner4
 Occupational Therapist1
 Registered Nurse1
 Social service worker1
Community Service Providers’ Role (n = 9)
 Case Manager2
Organization Type of Community Service Providers (n = 9)
 Seniors’ case management and day programs3
 Seniors’ housing and recreation2
 Seniors’ recreation and day programs1
 Home care1
 Home support services (e.g., housekeeping)1
 Diabetes-related programs and services1