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Table 1 Characteristics of participants

From: Applying evidence-based medicine in general practice: a video-stimulated interview study on workplace-based observation

 The NetherlandsBelgium
 GP supervisors
n = 9
GP trainees
n = 9
GP supervisors
n = 13
GP trainees
n = 13
Female3 a6811
Age (average in years (range))56 (48–67)30 (28–35)47 (36–57)26 (25–30)
PhD trajectory (finished or ongoing)1210
Trainee in first year of training58
Trainee in last year of training45
GP supervisor’s experience as GP (average in years (range))26 (20–38)21 (12–33)
GP’s experience as supervisor (average in years (range))11 (2–20)10 (2–25)
Duration of collaboration between supervisor and trainee (average in months (range))6 (4–9)9 (3–18)
Practice type
 Health centre29
Location of training institute
  1. aResults are numbers, unless stated otherwise