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Table 2 Pressure in the most recent case of a euthanasia requesta

From: Physicians’ experiences with euthanasia: a cross-sectional survey amongst a random sample of Dutch physicians to explore their concerns, feelings and pressure

 Request refusedRequest grantedp-value
Total N = 248Total N = 245a
N (%)N (%)
I felt pressured by…
 the patient to grant the request146 (60.3%)32 (13.2%)< 0.001
 the patient or his/her relatives to perform EAS as soon as possible86 (35.5%)55 (22.6%)0.002
 relatives of the patients to grant the request77 (31.7%)15 (6.2%)< 0.001
 colleagues to refuse the request9 (3.7%)5 (2.1%)0.275
 relatives of the patient to refuse the request8 (3.3%)5 (2.1%)0.399
 colleagues to grant the request7 (2.9%)1 (0.4%)0.037b
 the management to refuse the request6 (2.5%)1 (0.4%)0.122b
  1. aMissings: Refused cases missing cases varied between 5 and 6 (2.0–2.4%), Granted cases missing cases varied between 2 and 3 (0.8–1.2%)
  2. b 2 cells (50%) had expected count less than 5 hence a Fisher’s Exact test was performed