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Table 5 Assessment of lifestyle during intake consultation

From: Design of the ZWOT-CASE study: an observational study on the effectiveness of an integrated programme for cardiovascular risk management compared to usual care in general practice

Assessment of lifestyle
 Smoking • Units per day
• Smoking history
• Attempts to quit
• Motivation to quit
 Dietary habits • Knowledge of healthy dietary habits
• Insight into own dietary habits
• Necessity to change dietary habits
• Motivation to change dietary habits
 Alcohol use • Units per week
• Knowledge of effects of alcohol use
• Insight into own alcohol use
• Necessity to change alcohol use
• Motivated to change alcohol use
 Physical activity • Days a week
• Knowledge of importance of physical activity
• Insight into own physical activity
• Necessity to change physical activity
• Motivated to change physical activity
 Stress • Stress symptoms > 3 months
• Insight into own stress