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Table 1 Key terms

From: Communication practices for delivering health behaviour change conversations in primary care: a systematic review and thematic synthesis

Health behaviours - patterns of lifestyle associated behaviour which might impact on patient health
Health Behaviour Change talk – turns at talk designed to change health behaviours. ‘Talk’ comprises aspects of interaction which includes both what is said, but also how it is said. This incorporates aspects of word choice, grammar, conversational action, pitch, pace , intonation, and embodied conduct.
Resistance displays– Interactionally dispreferred responses which may be delayed and mitigated, and which stall the progressivity of the conversational sequence. Resistance can range from no response, a minimal response, or not displaying alignment to the course of action initiated in the prior turn; e.g., behaviour change. Resistance occurs moment-by-moment through an interaction, and is managed by participants during the interaction [19, 20].