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Table 3 Typical configuration of group models, as represented by included studies in the primary care setting

From: Shared medical appointments and patient-centered experience: a mixed-methods systematic review

Model (no. of articles)

Duration of each group session

Duration of individual consultation

Group size

Clinical intervention

Nonclinical components

Intervention team

Disciplines (no. of articles)


CHCC (5)

90–120 min

5–10 min each at end of group session


Vital signs

Lab results review and medical records update

Medication management Preventive measures Scheduling Medical-related paperwork requested by pts Brief 1:1 visits with physician, as necessary


Health education

Group cohesion

PCP (5)

Nurse, RN or diabetes nurse educator (5)

Clinical pharmacist (2) PT, OT (2) Dietitian (2) Community health worker (1)


SMA / GV(10)

60–90 min

Optional 10 mins each or 24 mins total allotted at end of group session


Vital signs

Lab results review and medical records update

Routine lab test orders 1:1 indiv consultation with physician, as necessary

Health risk assessment

Medication management Referrals, coordination of public health services

Orientation and socialization

Interactive health education

Group cohesion


Group discussion

Medication compliance

1–2 physicians (9) Nurse, NP, RN (2) Diabetes educator/ RD (4)

Clin psychologist, psychopedagogist (3)

1–2 postgraduate med students (1)

Others (2)


GPNC / CPa(11)

90–120 min

10 mins each at beginning of group session


Vital signs

Physical exam

Routine prenatal screening and labs

Routine ultrasound

Flu vaccine (seasonal)

Postpartum visit Individual assessments prior to prenatal care within group setting

Group discussion, self-care, skills-building

Active tracking of pregnancy changes (done by pts)

Tour of birth unit, labor and delivery nurse

Pediatric care resources Postpartum reunion

1–2 CNMs (8)

NP (3)

Medical asst (3)

Physician (2)

Health / perinatal educator (1)

Others (1)

2 + others invited

  1. Abbreviations: CHCC Cooperative health care clinic, CNM Certified nurse midwife, CP CenteringPregnancy®, GPNC Group prenatal care, GV Group visit, NP Nurse practitioner, OT Occupational therapist, PCP Primary care physician, PT Physical therapist, RD Registered dietitian, RN Registered nurse, SMA Shared medical appointment
  2. aWk 5–10: First visit w/ nurse. Wk 10–12: First visit with clinician. Wk 12–16: Start CP program