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Table 2 Severity and preventability of patient safety incidents (n = 36) as identified by trigger tool

From: Safety in primary care (SAP-C): a randomised, controlled feasibility study in two different healthcare systems

Rating scale Description n (%)
 1 Any incident with the potential to cause harm. 10 (27.8)
 2 Mild harm, inconvenience, further follow-up or investigation to ensure no harm occurred. 13 (36.1)
 3 Moderate harm: required intervention or duration for longer than a day. 8 (22.2)
 4 Prolonged, substantial or permanent harm, including hospitalisation. 5 (13.9)
 1 Not preventable and originated in secondary care. 2 (5.6)
 2 Preventable and originated in secondary care OR not preventable and originated in primary care. 10 (27.8)
 3 Potentially preventable and originated in primary care. 17 (47.2)
 4 Preventable and originated in primary care. 7 (19.4)