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Table 1 NOTEPAD Fidelity Checklist - First sessions

From: Can support workers from AgeUK deliver an intervention to support older people with anxiety and depression? A qualitative evaluation

  YES Partially NO
Verbal explanation given of the NOTEPAD study 13 1  
Explanation of the evidence for the beneficial effects of social participation and depression 9 3 2
Evidence of exploring the older person’s problems 13 1  
Assessment of risk 8 3 3
Activities/social participation goals discussed 14   
Activity/social participation goals set 12 1 1
The NOTEPAD personal file given along with a verbal explanation of how to use it 10 4  
Signposting – (e.g. exercise groups, craft classes etc.) 9 4 1
Participant understanding of what has been discussed and agreed is checked 11 2 1
Barriers/motivators to increasing activity discussed and/or addressed 11 2 1
Next session discussed and arranged (face to face or telephone) 13   1