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Table 2 Stratified sampling of the 20 patients per practice to be invited for recorded Health Checks

From: A qualitative study of cardiovascular disease risk communication in NHS Health Check using different risk calculators: protocol for the RIsk COmmunication in NHS Health Check (RICO) study

Female Male
Age (yr) 40–54 yr 4 (3 WBRI/1 BAME) 4 (3 WBRI/1 BAME)
55–64 yr 3 (2 WBRI/1 BAME) 3 (2 WBRI/1 BAME)
65–74 yr 3 (2 WBRI/1 BAME) 3 (2 WBRI/1 BAME)
  1. WBRI, White British; BAME, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic