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Table 5 Perceived consequences of working with the diabetes patient portal. Percentages of respondents

From: Diabetes care providers’ opinions and working methods after four years of experience with a diabetes patient web portal; a survey among health care providers in general practices and an outpatient clinic

  N Yes (%)
“Access to his/her diabetes EMR via a web portal …” 128  
 stimulates the self-management and self-correcting behaviour of the patient   75.8
 improves communication during consultation with a well prepared patient   44.5
 results in saving time   21.9
 results in deceased workload   10.9
“I write the medical information...” 128  
 as I always did   63.3
 in an easier language than before   37.5
 with less information than before   7.8
“I think that patients who use the patient portal…” 122  
 have an increased frequency of visits   2.5
 have an unchanged frequency of visits   80.3
 have a decreased frequency of visits   17.2
“How do you feel about patients sending you an e-message?” 128  
 (very) positive   65.6
 neutral   28.1
 (very) negative   6.3
“How many e-messages do you receive per week?” 124  
 0 messages   33.1
 1–10 messages   59.7
 ≥ 11messages   7.3
“Who usually answers the e-message of patients?” 80a  
 the health care provider answers only the messages of his/her own patients   31.3
 the physician (GP or internist) answers all messages   2.5
 the nurse (nurse practitioner or diabetes nurse) answers all messages   66.3
  1. aAll respondents who receive e-messages