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Table 3 The type of information women obtained about cervical cancer screening

From: General practitioners can increase participation in cervical cancer screening – a model program in Hungary

  Answersa mentioned (%) 95% Confidence interval (CI)
Can screening reveal all early changes? 44 38–50
When do I receive the result of the screening? 44 38–50
How often do I have to attend the screening? 35 30–41
What happens if the result is unfavorable? 32 27–37
What does an unfavorable result mean? 28 22–33
How and who will notify me? 27 22–32
Where can I undergo screening? 25 20–30
Where does the screening test take place, and what does the doctor do? 25 20–30
Is screening pain-free? 25 20–30
From which age is screening recommended? 23 19–29
Who performs the screening? 17 13–21
How long does the screening test last? 9 6–12
Is screening risky, and can it cause any damage? 7 4–10
  1. aMore answers were available for selection