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Table 1 The obligatory and the optional components of the EMPOWER-PAR intervention and the related CCM elements

From: Effectiveness of the EMPOWER-PAR Intervention in Improving Clinical Outcomes of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Primary Care: A Pragmatic Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

CCM elements Obligatory EMPOWER-PAR Intervention Target level
 • Organisation of Health Care
 • Delivery System Design
Creating/Strengthening a CDM Team-a multidisciplinary team led by the FMS to improve coordination of care for T2DM and co-existing CV risk factors Primary Care Providers
 • Decision Support Utilising the national Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) for T2DM to aid management and prescribing Primary Care Providers
 • Self-Management Support Utilising the Global CV Risks Self-Management Booklet to support patients self-management T2DM Patients
CCM Elements Optional EMPOWER-PAR Intervention Target Level
 • Clinical Information System Utilising clinical information system and conducting clinical audits to track progress through reporting outcomes to patients and providers Primary Care Providers
 • Community Resources and Policy Utilising community resources to support and sustain care Primary Care Providers