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Table 1 Prices per unit in 2011-2012

From: The impact of substituting general practitioners with nurse practitioners on resource use, production and health-care costs during out-of-hours: a quasi-experimental study

Resource Unit Costs (€) Data source
Salary costs GP Hour €77 GPC (based on agreements with health insurance companies)
Salary costs NP Hour €65,46 (as per 1-4-2011) GPC
€66,38 (as per 1-4-2012)
Drug prescription Consultation Variable (minimum and maximum prices) (indicated by Dutch Manual for Costing [23])
X-ray Consultation 2011: €43,98 The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) (indicated by Dutch Manual for Costing [23])
2012: €45,37
Referral to the Emergency Department Consultation €151 Dutch Manual for Costing [23]