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Table 3 Summary of most frequent responses from provider survey

From: Community health center provider ability to identify, treat and account for the social determinants of health: a card study

  California New York Illinois Combined
 1. How familiar are you with the SDH concept? Very familiar Very familiar Somewhat familiar Very familiar
 2. How comfortable are you identifying SDH at the point of care? Very familiar Very familiar Somewhat familiar Very familiar
 3. To what extent do you feel social factors contribute to your patient’s medical condition? Extremely Very much Very much Very much
 4. As part of your treatment plan, how often do you refer patients to CHC resources to address SDH? Often Sometimes Often Often
 5. My CHC has adequate resources available to address specific SDH affecting patient health. Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
  1. Table 3 indicates that most providers agreed with being familiar with the SDH concept, that they were comfortable identifying SDH at the point of care and that SDH have an impact on patients’ health. Survey questions each offered 5 options as answers. For items 1 and 2 these were; not familiar, somewhat familiar, neutral, very familiar and extremely familiar. For item 3 they were; not at all, somewhat, neutral, very much and extremely. For item 4 they were; never, rarely, sometimes, often and all of the time. For item 5 they were; strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree and strongly agree