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Table 1 Summary of patient and professional interview topic guides

From: The ‘vicious cycle’ of personalised asthma action plan implementation in primary care: a qualitative study of patients and health professionals’ views

Patient interview topic guide:
 Background information e.g. length of time with asthma? Attended for asthma review in last year? Asthma related hospital admission in last year?
 Have they ever been issued with a Personal Asthma Action Plan (PAAP)? What type was it? How was it issued and by whom? Do they use it? How?
 Do they think PAAPs have a role in managing asthma? How? When? Do they need or want one?
 What are the barriers to the use of PAAPs by patients? What would encourage the use of such plans in the future?
Health professional interview topic guide:
 Background information e.g. their role and asthma education/qualifications.
 Have they ever issued a PAAP? How, when and to whom? Do they ever review these? What type(s) of plans do they issue/review? What type(s) of PAAPs are they familiar with?
 Do PAAPs have a role in asthma management? If so, how? When? For whom? What are the barriers to professionals issuing and/or reviewing these in primary care? How could PAAP use be encouraged in future?