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Table 2 Summary of Synthesised Findings

From: Factors influencing the implementation of chronic care models: A systematic literature review

Synthesised Finding 1 - Acceptability of CCM interventions

 • Category: Acceptability of the CCM intervention for     healthcare providers

 • Category: Acceptability of CCM interventions for patients

Synthesised Finding 2 - Preparing healthcare providers for a CCM

 • Category: Information about the change

 • Category: A reason to change

 • Category: Appropriately qualified and experienced chronic care staff

 • Category: Leaders and champions for success

Synthesised Finding 3 - Supporting patients

 • Category: Patients supported and encouraged to engage with care

 • Category: Acknowledging patient differences

Synthesised Finding 4 - Resources for implementation and sustainability

 • Category: Time needed to implement and sustain CCMs

 • Category: Information and communication

 • Category: Sufficient funding

 • Category: Collaborations with other healthcare services

 • Category: Monitoring and evaluating