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Table 1 Reasons for (not) giving physical activity advices

From: Collaboration of general practitioners and exercise providers in promotion of physical activity a written survey among general practitioners

Reasons for giving physical activity advices %
  When relevant for the actual health problem 78.5
  To specific groups of patients (such as people with (increased risk for) chronic diseases, e.g. DM) 48.5
  When relevant for patients general health status (irrespective the actual health problem) 47.7
  When patients ask for advise 16.5
Reasons for not giving physical activity advices %
  Patients limited motivation for increasing physical activity 44.4
  Patients reduced health status 34.1
  Lack of time (of the GP) 26.2
  Patients cultural background/family situation/living conditions 15.9
  Don’t think of giving advises 11.2