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Table 1 Search algorithm

From: Developing a computerised search to help UK General Practices identify more patients for palliative care planning: a feasibility study

Search algorithm
Patients were identified if they had any of the following and had not already been identified for palliative care (ie already had a palliative care READ code already in place
•  A READ code indicating at least one of the following conditions within the last 18 months.
ο Cancer diagnosis
• stomach, pancreas, lung
•  any metastatic cancer
ο Chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment
ο MRC breathlessness - stage 5
ο Chronic kidney disease - stage 5
ο Diuretic resistant ascites
ο Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver
ο Chronic liver disease
ο Housebound patient
ο An Exception made from any of the following Quality Indicators (QoF):
•  Heart failure, diabetes, COPD, dementia, stroke, peripheral arterial disease
•  Any coding for heart failure cross-referenced with chronic kidney disease - stage 4 or 5 (This combination carries a poor prognosis)