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Table 5 Population, billing type, ownership and clinicians servicing practices A, B and C

From: The challenges of trying to increase preventive healthcare for children in general practice: results of a feasibility study

Practice descriptor A B C
SEIFAa 981 1003 939
AEDIb (%) 22.1 18.3 39.5
Practice population (baseline) 3950 9700 19750
Population eligible children (baseline) 575 1580 2600
Billingc Mixed (some out-of-pocket fees) Bulk billing only Bulk billing only
Ownership Privately owned Privately owned Privately owned
GPs 4 4 6
Practice Nurse 1 1 3
  1. aSocio-economic Index for Areas (SEIFA) has a national average of 1000 with increasing disadvantage as values decrease. SEIFA is a suite of four indexes that have been created from social and economic Census information. Each index ranks geographic areas across Australia in terms of their relative socio-economic advantage and disadvantage [10]
  2. bAEDI = Australian Early Developmental Index: Developmentally vulnerable on 1 or more domains- Victorian average 19.5 % [11]
  3. c‘Bulk Billing’ No out-of-pocket fees for the patient. All practices bulk billed HKCs