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Table 2 Inventory of Practice Equipment and Processes used for HKCs

From: The challenges of trying to increase preventive healthcare for children in general practice: results of a feasibility study

Quality indicator Description
Office systems Uses a recall or reminder system to invite or identify eligible children
  Has a process in place to deliver PEDSa to parent in waiting room
  Has a list of referral sources (e.g. paediatricians) accessible to all clinicians
Equipment Balance-beam or electronic scales (measure to nearest 0.1 kg)
  Fixed or correctly placed tape stadiometer (measure to nearest mm)
  BMI calculator (age and gender specific)
  Visual acuity (VA) chart suitable for pre-school children
  VA chart correctly placed (according to chart-type, 3 m or 6 m)
Examination method Uses standardised developmental screening tool (e.g. PEDSa) as part of HKC
  BMI calculation and interpretation
  Tests uni-ocular vision (patches or covers the eye adequately)
  Applies “Lift-the-Lip” tool correctly
  1. aPEDS = Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status