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Table 1 Examples of symptoms and diagnoses in each disease cluster

From: To what extent does sociodemographic composition of the neighbourhood explain regional differences in demand of primary out-of-hours care: a multilevel study

Disease cluster Examples of symptoms and diagnoses
Injuries Laceration/ cut; bruise/ contusion; burn/ scald; animal/ human bite; foreign body in eye; sprain/ stain of knee.
Infections Cystitis/ urinary infection other; acute otitis media/ myringitis; pneumonia; gastroenteritis presumed infection.
Long-term health conditions COPD; asthma; diabetes mellitus; incontinence urine; migraine; malignant neoplasm bronchus/ lung; constipation.
Psychological and social problems Concern/ fear medical treatment; acute stress reaction; depressive disorder; acute alcohol abuse.
Somatic symptoms and illnesses Fever; cough; chest symptom complaint; abdominal pain/ cramps general; fainting syncope; nausea.