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Table 1 Alcohol-attributed disease by ICD 9 code

From: Primary health care utilization for alcohol-attributed diseases in British Columbia Canada 2001–2011

ICD-9 codea Disease type
291, 291.0-291.8 Alcoholic psychoses; Delirium tremens; Korsakov psychosis; Other alcoholic dementia; Alcoholic hallucinosis; Pathological drunkenness; Alcoholic jealousy; Other alcohol psychosis; Unspecified alcohol psychosis
303.0 Alcohol dependence syndrome
305.0 Alcohol abuse
357.7 Alcoholic polyneuropathy
425.5 Alcoholic cardiomyopathy
535.3 Alcoholic gastritis
571.0 Alcoholic fatty liver
571.1 Acute alcoholic hepatitis
571.2 Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver
571.3 Alcoholic liver damage, Unspecified
  1. aICD-9 refers to the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision.