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Table 2 Education intervention topics

From: Patient education in chronic heart failure in primary care (ETIC) and its impact on patient quality of life: design of a cluster randomised trial

Knowledge, attitudes and motivation - Do you suffer from heart failure?
- What is « heart failure » for you?
- What do you know about heart failure?
- How do you live with this disease?
- What impact heart failure has on your life (personal, professional, social)?
- What are your fears?
-What are your expectations?
Clinical alarm signs - For you, what could be a clinical alarm sign of your heart failure?
- What should you do to detect clinical alarm signs?
- Do you know what to do if you detect clinical alarm signs?
Physical activity - What does physical activity mean for you?
- What is yours? Household?, leisure (e.g. gardening)? Transportation (e.g. walking, car)?
- When are you breathless? (NYHA)?
- What would you be ready to change in your habits?
Diet - Where do you eat yours meals?
- Who does the cooking?
- High salt food: what do you know about? What is your comsumption? What is your point of view, what changes are you ready to start?
- BMI ≥ 30 : diet mistakes (snack food, overeating) or diet troubles ?
- BMI ≤ 18 adult patients or 21 ealderly patients : diet mistakes or diet troubles ?