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Table 5 Percentage Correct Responses1 to Survey Items on Knowledge about Tobacco Use Prevalence among Peers, High School Students, and Adults Among a Pooled 19 School Aggregate of 5th Grade Students in Western New York State who Received a Tobacco Prevention Program Intervention during the 1998–1999 School Year.

From: Longitudinal impact of a youth tobacco education program

Survey Item: Baseline Survey
(N = 1596)
Evaluation Survey
(Immediate Post-Test)
(N = 1438)
  %2 %2 p-value
Epidemiological Knowledge of Tobacco Use:    
(11) What percentage of kids your age (5th graders) use tobacco every week .................... 32.4 75.5 p < 0.0001
(12) What percentage of high school students (9th graders) use tobacco every week .............. 26.3 34.3 p = 0.0129
(13) What percentage of adults use tobacco every week ............................ 4.4 49.1 p < 0.0001
  1. 1Proportions were compared at the School Level (N = 19), using Wilcoxon-Matched Pairs/Signed Rank Tests. P values were identified as significant if they were less than or equal to .05, thus rejecting the null hypothesis (that the Intervention had No Effect); n.s. = not significant. 2Percentages shown are Medians, which summarize the distribution of correct responses by school.