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Table 3 Percentage Correct Responses1 to Survey Items on Knowledge about Tobacco Use Prevalence among Peers, High School Students, and Adults Among a Five School Aggregate of 5th Grade Students in Western New York State who were Randomized2 to Receive a Tobacco Prevention Program Intervention during the 1998–1999 School Year

From: Longitudinal impact of a youth tobacco education program

Survey Item: Baseline Survey
(N = 450)
Evaluation Survey
(Immediate Post-Test)
(N = 408)
Follow-Up Survey t-Test
(Delayed Post-test)
(N = 371)
  Fall 1998 Fall 1998 Spring 1999
  %3 %3 p-value %3 p-value
Knowledge of tobacco use prevalence:      
(11) What percentage of kids your age (5th graders) use tobacco every week .... 30.6 45.2 N.S. 29.3 N.S.
(12) What percentage of high school students (9th graders) use tobacco every week ....... 20.3 31.1 N.S. 20.4 N.S.
(13) What percentage of adults use tobacco every week .................. 4.8 33.9 p = 0.0313 11.5 N.S.
  1. 1Proportions were compared at the School Level (N = 5), using Wilcoxon-Matched Pairs/Signed Rank Tests. P-values were identified as significant if they were less than or equal to .05, thus rejecting the null hypothesis (that the Intervention had No Effect); n.s. = not significant. 2There were 8 schools originally selected for this group; 1 school dropped out because they could not schedule the Intervention and another 2 schools were unable to schedule the Follow-Up (Delayed Post-Test) Survey, thus the data presented have complete information for each school at every measurement point. 3Percentages shown are the Medians, which summarize the distribution of correct responses by school.