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Table 2 Measurements and time points

From: A monitoring and feedback tool embedded in a counselling protocol to increase physical activity of patients with COPD or type 2 diabetes in primary care: study protocol of a three-arm cluster randomised controlled trial

Concept (questionnaires) Intervention groups Control group
  t0 t1 t2 t0 t1 t2
Demographic variables x    x   
Physical activity (PAM) x x x x x x
Quality of life (SF 36) x x x x x x
General Self-Efficacy (GSS) x x x x x x
Exercise Self-Efficacy (ESS) x x x x x x
Health status (DSC-R or CRQ-SAS) x x x x x x
Process evaluation   x     
  1. PAM: Personal Activity Monitor.
  2. DSC-R: Diabetes Symptom Checklist-Revised.
  3. CRQ-SAS: Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire-Self-Administered Standardised.
  4. T0 - baseline.
  5. T1 - after 4–6 months (end of intervention).
  6. T2 - after 9 months (post intervention).