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Table 3 Questionnaire of final diagnosis and audit

From: Identification of factors associated with diagnostic error in primary care

Variable Headland When it is filled out Explanation
1. Evaluation Of final diagnosis
  - Final diagnosis confirmed When final diagnosis of underlying cause of dyspnoea is made Possible use of availability heuristic (diagnostic possibilities that come to the physician’s mind at the time of diagnosis) when the hypotheses are compared with the final diagnosis
- Time since first visit
- Number of visits
Medical history Personal and family history After diagnosis is confirmed Evaluation of accuracy of diagnosis
Characteristics of dyspnoea
Accompanying symptoms
Physical examination  
Further tests  
Appropriateness of diagnostic process  
Performance of suboptimal cognitive acts Identification of error type (slip, lapse, mistake, violation) Evaluation of existence of suboptimal cognitive act
Identification of diagnostic error Stage in which it occurs Evaluation of the existence of an error and its consequences
Existence of misdiagnosis-related damage and damage type
Possibility of damage prevention