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Table 1 Participants’ demographic and tobacco use characteristics

From: Implementing tobacco dependence treatment during clinical consultations: a qualitative study of clinicians’ experiences, perceptions and behaviours in a South African primary health care setting

Characteristics Frequency % (n) Mean
Age (yrs)   39.6 (Range: 26–56)
 Male 9  
 Female 10  
Clinician’s category   
 Doctor 15  
 Nurse 4  
Marital status   
 Single 4  
 Married 12  
 Divorced 1  
 Widowed 1  
 Separated 1  
Years of experience in PHC   4.5yrs (Range: 3 months–18 yrs)
Tobacco use status   
 Current user -  
 Previous user 1  
 Never used 18